474. In Scrofulous Ophthalmia, It Proves Most Useful

Few remedies afford more relief to the distressing photophobia and other symptoms than the diligent use of a Belladonna collyrium.

* Edin. Monthly Journ. Nov. 1863.

Diseases of the Genito-urinary system and Abdominal Viscera.

475. In Orchitis, When The Inflammatory Symptoms Have Subsided, Dr

Philippe,* of Bordeaux, advises an ointment composed of 1 part of Ext. Belladonna? and 3 of Lard. Of this, gr. xxx. are to be rubbed on the scrotum twice daily for five or ten minutes. Applied thus, he states that he has effected many cures, on an average in about five days.

476. In Phimosis and Paraphimosis, Belladonna, in the form of ointment (12 parts of the Extract to 30 of Lard) has been found very effectual by Dr. Mignot,t of Bordeaux. The ointment was gently rubbed over the parts every hour until relief was obtained. I have verified the value of this treatment in my own practice.

477. In Chordee, great relief follows the use of an ointment composed of equal parts of Extract of Belladonna and Lard, or Mercurial Ointment, to which a few grains of Camphor may be added. It should be well rubbed into the perinAeum at bedtime.

478. In Fissures Of The Anus, Dupuytren Advised An Ointment Composed Of Ext

Belladonna?, Plumb. Acet. aa 3j., Adipis 3vj., M., to be applied three or four times daily. He considers that the generality of cases of fissure of the anus were dependent upon spasmodic constriction of the sphincter ani; and that, if this spasmodic action could be allayed, the fissure would at once heal. With this view he strongly advised the employment of the above formula.

479. To Painful Hmorrhoidal Tumours and Piles, much relief often follows the local application of an ointment composed of' Ext. Belladon. gr. lx., Adipis gr. ccxl. - gr. ccclx. Dr. Copland bears testimony to its efficacy.

480. In Dysmenorrha, Dr

Burne speaks highly of the efficacy of Belladonna. In mild cases he advises gr. 1/4 of the Extract twice or thrice daily. In more urgent cases he repeats the dose, first in one hour, again after an interval of two hours, until two, three, or four doses have been taken, and he adds that he has been seldom disappointed in the result. Any dimness of sight or giddiness which it may occasion soon passes away. A Belladonna plaster to the sacrum proves most useful.

481. In Cancer of the Uterus, a Belladonna plaster to the sacrum proves a useful palliative, and affords great relief. Sir J Eyre§ speaks highly of the value of the Extract (gr. j.) as a suppository, as originally recommended by Sir B. Brodie. He states that it exceeds all other sedatives in the amount of relief which it affords.

* Journ. des Conn. Medicates, Oct. 1845. Bull Gen. de Therap, April 1841.

On Habitual Constipation, p. 103. § On some Exhausting Diseases. Op. oft.

482. In Irritable Uterus, Dr

Dewees* advises as a valuable palliative the following ointment to be applied night and momma to the parts by the point of the patient's own finger: -482 In Irritable Uterus Dr 48 Ext. Belladonnas 5ss., Cerat. Simp. j., M. ft. unguent.

483. In Rigidity of the Us Uteri, the local application of Belladonna ointment (Extract 3j., Lard j.) has been advised by Chaussier, Velpeau, La Chapelle, Dr. Conquest, and others; but the practice is one of doubtful utility. Dr. Rigby states that, although he has seen it repeatedly tried, it never proved successful. Dr. Soma has proposed Belladonna to be given internally, with the view of shortening the duration of labour, by relaxing the soft parts. Of the following mixture -482 In Irritable Uterus Dr 49 Ext. BelladonnAe ft. viij., Aq. fv. - he gives two or three tablespoonfuls every ten minutes. Further evidence in its favour is adduced by Dr. B. F. Barker,§ who gave it a trial in 147 cases. The Extract, in doses of gr. 1/4, was given twice or thrice daily, commencing about two weeks before the end of gestation. It was given with Tartar Emetic to the plethoric. The susceptibility of the patient to its action varied very greatly: in some the dose had to be diminished.