484. In Incontinence Of Urine In Children, Dr

Morand|| states that he has successfully employed the Extract in doses of gr. 1/3, night and morning, for children from four to six years old. If at the end of eight days no effect be produced, a third dose of gr. 1/3 is added. He states that he found it very efficacious. According, however, to the experience of Trousseau, it fails in those children who are troubled with this affection in the day-time.¶ Several cases, illustrative of the efficacy of Belladonna in this affection, are related by Messrs. Brooke, Cowdell, Athol Johnson, and Spencer Smith.**

4 85. In Intus-susception of the Bowels, Belladonna has occasionally proved useful. In a case related by Dr. Staal, there was present vomiting of faecal matter. This and the other symptoms yielded to an injection of gr. iv. of the Extract in a little

[gruel. Narcotism followed, and in two days the patient completely recovered.

486. In Ileus, It Has Also Been Successfully Employed By Dr

Becker. He prefers it for safety and efficacy to enemas of > Tobacco.

487. Other Diseases

In Aneurism of the Aorta, Dr. Hope §§ states that, when the tumour is painful and requires support, he has found a Belladonna plaster afford the greatest relief.

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488. In Cancer, Belladonna was first exhibited by Alberti,who highly praised it in the occult stage of the disease. It was afterwards recommended by Lambergen, Bellot, Lenten, and others; but failed in the hands of Zimmermann and De Haen. Some advantage, however, may be procured from its external and internal use, particularly as a palliative, and when combined with medicines which are calculated to support the energies of life, and improve the secreting and digestive functions. (Copland.*) It should never be applied externally to a large ulcerated surface, as it may become absorbed into the system, and produce poisonous effects.

489. In Hemoptysis, Dr

Schroeder states that he has found the inhalation of the fumes of the leaves of Belladonna very effica-cious. He directs 3j. or 3iss. of the dried leaves to be thrown on hot coals, or on a hot plate, and the patient is to inhale the fumes as they arise.