2535. In Acne Simplex, Dr

Copland states that the lotion from which he has derived the greatest benefit, and which he has found most generally applicable, is a solution of the Biborate in rose or elder flower water, or in water which has been poured in the boiling state over sulphur, and allowed to infuse for ten or twelve hours. He advises the same lotion in Ecthyma. In Eczema, he prescribes it with much benefit,* internally, with or without the Nitrate of Potash; it should be given with emollients, and after the bowels have been evacuated.

2536. To sore Nipples, Sir Astley Cooper§; advises the following application: - ℞ SodAe Bibor. 3j., Spir. Vin. Rect. fss., Aquae fiiiss , M. This, applied thrice daily, has been found very serviceable. Dr. Hannay || prefers a saturated solution of Borax to be applied to the nipple before and after suckling the infant.

2537. To Chloasma Or Liver-Spots,

Dr. Pereira|| states that a solution of Borax (ss. ad Aq. fviij.) is a most valuable application; it should be applied by a sponge or rag to the affected spots. I have found a similar lotion very effectual in allaying the itching in Urticaria, Psoriasis, Impetigo, &c.

2538. In Mercurial Salivation, an aqueous solution with or without honey forms a useful gargle.

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