613. In Cancer Of The Uterus, Dr

Dewees* speaks favourably of Lime Water as a palliative. He advises Lime Water, a little warmed, to be thrown up into the vagina by a syringe, several times a day. He states that one of the best forms he knows of is when a portion of quicklime is slacked in an infusion of chamomile flowers, and permitted to settle clear before using it.

614. In Leucorrha and Gleet, an injection of a weak solution of Lime Water occasionally effects a cure when other remedies fail.

615. In Scrofula, Lime Water Is Sometimes Productive Of Benefit

Dr. Shapter states that Lime Water, taken with milk to the extent of fss., three or four times a day, has in his practice, in many cases, been of the most eminent service, especially in Scrofula of long standing, where gland after gland becomes the seat of abscess and ulcer. In Scrofulous Ulcers, Dr. Pereira states that he frequently employs Lime Water as a wash, and that, in many instances, its power of checking excessive secretion has been most marked. In Phthisis, Lime Water and Milk has been strongly recommended by Dr. T. K. Chambers and others as an ordinary beverage.

616. In Scabies, The People Of Lyons Commonly Employ A Lotion Composed Of Lime Oz

xij. and Ovj. of water. The parts are well washed with it daily; the epidermis desquamates, and a radical cure is effected. It is reported to be very efficacious.§

617. In Burns and Scalds, there are few local applications more generally useful or efficacious than a mixture of Liq. Calcis and Olive or Linseed Oil. This formula is well known as Carron Oil.

618. In Poisoning By The Mineral And Oxalic Acids, Lime Water Acts As An Antidote

619. In Tinea Capitis, And Other Cutaneous Diseases, With Profuse Discharge, Liq

Calcis proves useful as a stimulant and astringent wash. In Ephelis and Freckles, Mr. E. Wilson|| derived benefit from a liniment composed of equal parts of Aq. Calcis and Oleum OlivAe;, with a small quantity of Liq. Ammonias.

620. In Diabetes, Lime Water as a common drink, either alone or with milk, has been advised by Willis, Fothergill, Watt, Frank, and others. It can only be regarded as an adjunct to other treatment.

621. In Ascarides, injections of three or four ounces of Lime Water have been recommended by Dr. Price,* of Margate. He has found two or three repetitions sufficient in the most obstinate case.

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