658. To Relieve The Pains In The Loins Of Women In The Latter Stages Of Pregnancy,

Dr. Montgomery;}: states that he has successfully employed an embrocation composed of equal parts of Camphor and Soap liniments. According to Dr. Harriss,§ a saturated solution of Camphor in Glycerine applied over the breast is more effectual for arresting the secretion of Milk than Belladonna.

659. In After-Pains, Dr

Dewees|| bears testimony to the value of Camphor. He directs 3j. to be suspended in fvj. of mucilage, and of this he gives a tablespoonful every hour or two hours, until the pains cease. Sometimes he administers it in substance (gr. x.) every one or two hours. In two instances, it produced serious constitutional irritation, but this subsided when the medicine was discontinued. He found it particularly serviceable in cases in which Opium was inadmissible.

660. In Pruritus Muliebris Pudendi, Camphor, In Doses Of From Gr

v. - x. twice or thrice daily, given in the form of emulsion, will often afford a great amount of relief. If the Pruritus depend upon the presence of ascarides in the rectum, turpentine enemas should be likewise employed. Its external application also proves useful.

661. In Nymphomania, Camphor Has Been Found Serviceable

As an anti-aphrodisiac it was employed by the ancients; and many modern writers have testified to its sedative influence on the genital organs. Alibert cites a case of a nymphomaniac patient whom he cured with 3j. of Camphor for a dose; and Esquirol has successfully treated similar cases with the same remedy. Blood-letting, the use of the hot bath, mild purgatives, and strict moral superintendence, are the other measures indicated.*

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662. In Spermatorrhaea, Camphor Is Often Signally Useful

In three cases of involuntary spermatic discharges, I have effected a speedy improvement and subsequent cure by Camphor (gr. iij. - iv.) with gr. 1/4 of Opium, thrice daily. The only other measures employed were mild purgatives and out-door (walking) exercise.

G6.3. In Cancer of the Uterus, Dr. Dewees found that, when Opium failed to procure rest, this may be obtained by liberal doses of Camphor. "Indeed," he adds, " we have several times found that Camphor was a valuable addition to our slender means of procuring rest, where Opium has disagreed, or worn itself out."

664. In Inflammation of the lining membrane of the Uterus, he also states that he found greater benefit from Camphor in ten-grain doses than from any other remedy. It may be given in emulsion alone, or combined with Extract of Hyoscyamus. The hip-bath, fomentations, and leeches are at the same time advisable.

665. In Irritable Uterus, Camphor has been found to afford great relief, when given in the form advised in the last section.

666. In Chordee, Camphor, employed internally and locally, is the best remedy we possess. It may be given in doses of gr. iij. - v., with gr. j. of Opium, in the form of pill, at bed-time. Camphorated mercurial ointment, or Camphor (gr. xx. - xxx.)in a poultice, to the perinAeum, is also very efficacious.