667. In Incontinence Of Urine, M

Guerard found great benefit from enemas composed of gr. iv. of Camphor, dissolved in the yolk of an egg, and mixed with fj. of water, so that it may be retained in the rectum.

668. Other Diseases

In Hysteria, Camphor proves most serviceable. It may be given alone, or combined with Assaftida or Opium. Dr. Dewees § states that it is chiefly indicated and most efficacious in the hysterical paroxysms which precede the appearance of the menses. It may be given in doses of gr. v. - x. in julep or in powder, as may be most convenient.

669. In Toothache, Dr

A. T. Thompson || states that almost immediate relief is afforded by introducing into a carious tooth a pill of Camphor and Opium, or a solution of Camphor in Spt. of Turpentine.

670. In Chronic Rheumatism, Frictions With Camphor Liniment Prove Highly Serviceable

Dr. Pereira¶ states that Camphor (gr. v. - viij.) and Opium (gr. j.) given internally prove useful by their sudorific and anodyne properties. Camphor fumigations are also occasionally attended with excellent effects. * In Syphilitic Rheumatism, inunction of Camphor with Mercurial Ointment is beneficial.

* See lancet, vol. i., 1834, p. 232. Diseases of Females, p. 274. Op. cit.

§ Op. cit. p. 546. || Dispensatory, p 518. ¶ Mat. Wed., vol. ii. part 1, p. 458.

671. In Gout, Camphor Has Been Highly Extolled By Many German Writers

Dr. Copland considers that, in doses and combinations appropriate to the circumstances of the case, it is a most unexceptionable remedy, inasmuch as it has an anodyne effect, whilst it promotes the exhalations and secretions. It may be combined with antimonials, mercurials, or anodynes, according to existing pathological states. He adds that he has frequently prescribed it in the more chronic and irregular forms of gout; and found it, particularly in conjunction with Opium or Morphia, a most valuable remedy. Tepid Camphorated Spirit, locally applied, often affords great relief.

672. In Gangrene, when the vital powers are greatly depressed, and when at the same time much nervous irritability is present, full doses of Camphor, combined with Opium and other stimulants, prove highly serviceable. When vascular excitement is great, it may be advantageously combined with Nitre.

673. In Dissection Wounds, Dr

Copland regards Camphor both as a prophylactic and remedial agent. Immediately on receiving a dissection wound, he directs the hand to be plunged into a solution of Camphor; the part having been previously well cleansed, a pledget of lint saturated with the solution should also be kept to the part. In the subsequent treatment, where fever, &c, supervenes, he lays great stress on the importance of administering large doses of Camphor with Opium or Calomel.

674. As A Means Of Allaying Tetanoid Symptoms From Strychnine,

Dr. Arnett § found Camphor effectual in one instance. Of a saturated solution of Camphor in whiskey, he gave 2 fl. oz., and repeated it in half an hour. In Strabismus of a nervous character, Mr. Howard || states that he has seen cases of some years' standing, much benefited by fumigating the eye with Camphor. In involuntary spasmodic contraction of the orbicularis muscle {Winking), he¶ found Camphor fumigations of service. In Amaurosis, it has also been given internally with advantage. It is chiefly applicable when the disease depends upon deficient innervation. The vapour locally applied may be tried.