705. In Epilepsy, The Internal Use Of Cantharides Is Favourably Mentioned By Dr

James Johnson. || It was much esteemed by some of the older physicians, but it does not appear to possess any great influence over the disease.

706. In Passive Dropsy, Cantharides is occasionally administered internally with the view of stimulating the action of the kidneys. Given with equal parts of Sp. Ether Nitrosi, I have seen benefit derived from its use. It is inadmissible in sthenic or acute cases.

707. In Baldness and falling off of the Hair after debilitating Diseases, the local application of T. Cantharidis is very serviceable. Mr. Acton¶ advises equal parts of the Tincture and Honey Water; but this creates too much irritation in the majority of cases; f 3j. of the Tincture to f j. of Oil well rubbed into the roots of the hair night and morning answers every purpose. Under its use the hair will cease to fall off, and the young hair will grow speedily.

708. In Obstinate Ulcers, Mr

Tait,** late of the Madras Medical Service, speaks highly of the efficacy of T. Cantharidis, employed both internally and externally. He states that he found it particularly successful in the treatment of Ulcers in the Tenasserira Provinces, where they are of a peculiarly obstinate character. Internally, he advises the following mixture: -708 In Obstinate Ulcers Mr 57 T. Canth. gutt. xij., Potas. Iod. 3ss., T. Cinchon. Co. fj., Aquae fvij., M. sumat. fj. ter in die. Locally, he applies a lotion composed of T. Canthar. exij., Acid. Nit. Dil. exx., T. Cinchon. Co. f3ij., AquAe fj., M. Under this treatment the most obstinate ulcerations were found to yield. It has been found particularly useful - 1, where the granulations are exuberant, but pale, weak, and flabby; 2, where there is deficiency or total absence of granulation, the ulcers being deep and scooped out, with raised and indurated edges; 3, where the granulations are not defective, but cicatrizing irregularly, sometimes in the centre, at other times on one side; the lymph which was thrown out and organized one day being absorbed the next.

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