740. In Dysentery And Ulceration Of The Rectum, Dr

Parkin § strongly advocates the introduction of Carbonic Acid gas per anum. It may be introduced in the manner advised in Uterine affections (ante). In Cholera, the value of this gas (obtained by a mixture of SodAe Bicarb. and vegetable acids) has been strongly insisted upon by Dr. Parkin and others; but further facts are wanting to prove its efficacy. It has also been proposed as a prophylactic.

741. In Chronic Ophthalmia, a stream of this gas directed on the eyes appears to be serviceable. Dr. Pereira || mentions a case of Scrofulous Ophthalmia which recovered under its use when ordinary means had failed. In Ciliary Neuralgia and Blepharospasmos, Dr. Jungken found the douche of cold water impregnated with this gas an effectual remedy. It should be applied twice daily, for half an hour at a time.

742. In Cancerous and other painful Ulcerations, the local application of Carbonic Acid gas has been commended by Peyville, Dr. Ewart, of Bath, and others; but according to Dr. Walshe,¶ the amelioration afforded by it is only temporary. It may be applied directly in the gaseous state, or in solution, or through the medium of a fermenting poultice.