886. In The Vomiting Of Pregnancy, Dr

Dewees states that where alkalies have failed to afford relief, he has often employed Lemon-juice with decided advantage. He mentions some cases in which its utility was unequivocal. It is also occasionally effectual in Heartburn.

887. In Scurvy, Lime-Juice Is Of The Utmost Value

Since the introduction of this article into the regular rations of sailors, Scurvy has become a rare disease, compared, at least, with what it was previous to the introduction of this remedy by Sir Gilbert Blane. As a preventive to Scurvy, it is of the greatest importance; and when the disease, from the neglect of proper precautions, has appeared, there are few, if any, more efficacious remedies. The validity of Dr. Garrod's theory that it owes its efficacy to the presence of the Salts of Potash has been questioned; he, however, adheres to it in his last published work.§

888. In Dropsy and Dropsical Affections, Lemon-juice has been found very successful by Drs. Schwabe, Drechsler, and others.

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Several instances are mentioned by these physicians, in which cures were effected solely by its use, and that, too, when other remedies had failed. Dose, a tablespoonful thrice daily; and, in one instance, the dose was increased to six tablespoonfuls. It proved, in every case, powerfully diuretic*

889. In Acute Rheumatism and Rheumatic Govt, Lemon-juice has recently been extensively employed; and it is stated on competent authority to be a speedy and efficacious remedy. The dose is fj. - fij. every four or six hours. Dr. Owen Rees. of Guy's Hospital, states that, in his practice, he has employed it with the greatest success; and that the relief from pain, in the majority of cases, was such, that had any one not acquainted with the remedy in use, watched the progress of the case, he would have concluded that sedatives had been employed. Dr. Rees considers that it acts, in common with all vegetable acids, by effecting a transformation of the tissues generally (?). The remedy appears greatly to depress the heart's action; the pulse, in one instance, being reduced from 120 to 75. The urine was-rendered alkaline by its use; and in one case, in which the urine was alkaline before treatment, it became acid after the juice had been employed. Its value in these cases is also attested by Dr. Golding Bird, Mr. Middleton, Dr. Ranking, Mr. Dalrymple. and others. There are, however, two forms of Rheumatism in which Dr. Rees§ states Lime-juice has been found to fail - 1, that occurring in cachectic subjects, which he designates Cachectic Rheumatism; and 2, that attendant on Syphilis.

890. In Pruritus Scroti And Pruritus Ani, Lemon-Juice Is Often An Effectual Remedy

The parts should be first bathed in hot water, and afterwards the Lemon-juice should be freely applied. When the pain and smarting caused by the application subsides, great relief will be experienced. Dr. Oppler|| relates an obstinate case, which had resisted all external and internal remedies for ten weeks, but which yielded rapidly and completely to the application of diluted Lemon-juice.

891. In Febrile and Inflammatory Diseases, an agreeable refrigerant beverage is formed by macerating two sliced Limes or Lemons and oz. ij. of Sugar in Oj. of boiling water. When cool, it should be strained and drank ad libitum. For observations on its use, see Citric Acid.