1817. Therapeutic Uses

In Scrofula, confining this term to affections of the subcutaneous lymphatic glands, Cod Liver Oil exercises little influence previous to the occurrence of suppuration; hut in the advanced stages, when suppuration has advanced, ulceration commenced, and the general system has become implicated, there is no medicine on which we may rely with more certainty. Klencke relates eight cases of inflammation of the glands, and five of general tuberculosis, in which the Oil was attended with signal benefit.

1818. In Scrofulous Diseases Of The Skin, It Produces The Most Salutary Effects

Dr. Graves,¶ by its means, cured obstinate cases of Sycosis, Impetigo, and Psoriasis; an issue being inserted at a distance from the part of the skin affected. Mr. Banks** found Ichthyosis yield to its use; and M. Emery and Gibert employed it with the best effects in Scrofulous Lupus. Of seventy-two cases of the last disease, twenty-eight were completely cured by its persevering use. Sir H. Marsh§;§ observes, that although the Oil is not of itself capable of curing the local disease, it places the patient in a condition to be cured, by checking progressing emaciation, and restoring the yielding strength. In some cases in which he administered it, it did not produce any marked improvement. To be effectual, it must be given in full doses, and be long persevered in.

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1819. In Scrofulous Diseases of the Joints, and in Morbus Coxarius, it also exercises a powerful and beneficial influence. In Morbus Coxarius, Prof. Syme* speaks favourably of its operation; acting probably, as he observes, as a nutrient tonic. Sir B. Brodie also bears testimony to its value in this class of cases.

1820. In Caries Of Scrofulous Subjects, The Oil Proves Eminently Serviceable

An illustrative case is quoted by Dr. Bennett - the patient, a female, suffering from Scrofulous Caries: - Eight fistulous openings led to the diseased bone, the discharge was fetid and profuse, and the patient was in an advanced state of hectic. Amputation was determined upon; but it was proposed to employ Cod Liver Oil as a last resource. It was given, and, after a persevering use of it, the patient perfectly recovered. Mr. Balman regards it as a potent and most valuable remedy, and invariably employs it in this class of cases, as exercising a most beneficial influence.

1821. In Lumbar Abscess, depending upon caries of the vertebra, it often proves of great service. A case is related by M. Tauflieb,§ also quoted by Dr. Bennett, in which a young man, who had an immense abscess in the lumbar region, attended with paralysis of the lower extremities, &c, completely recovered under the persevering use of the Oil.