1826. In Acute and Chronic Hydrocephalus, Cod Liver Oil has been employed with a considerable degree of success. When these affections depend upon the existence or development of the scrofulous diathesis, or on derangement of the assimilating process, the Oil may be given with every prospect of success. Dr. Klencke* relates two interesting cases of Acute Hydrocephalus cured by its means. In Epilepsy, Dr. Anstie employed Cod Liver Oil in twelve cases; of these three were complete failures, three improved, and in the remaining six "the fits have entirely ceased, and, so far as can be seen, the disease has been cured." This is very encouraging. The remedy requires to be persevered in for a long time. It is well worthy of further trials in cachectic cases. Other cases of Chorea, Paralysis Agitans, and Mercurial Tremors treated with this Oil are recorded by the same author, and he states that in all these cases, as well as in Epilepsy, it has appeared to him more constantly useful than any other medicine.

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1827. In Chronic Rheumatism, Cod Liver Oil Was Employed By Dr

Percival,§ in 1771; and on the Continent has long held a high reputation. It appears to be a remedy of great power and efficacy, and is chiefly useful where the constitution is debilitated, and the assimilating functions are deranged. M. Tauflieb|| relates two cases, in both of which the disease had existed many years: the patients were bed-ridden and quite helpless; medicines of various kinds had formerly been administered, but without effect. Cod Liver Oil was given, and after persevering in its use for five or six months, the patients were enabled to walk without assistance, and were eventually cured. It was employed externally and internally; frictions with the Oil to the affected limbs being used daily. In Neuralgia, Cod Liver Oil occasionally affords remarkable relief. Its modus operandi in these cases is obscure. Dr. Durant¶ cites several severe cases which yielded to its use after the ordinary means had failed.

1828. In Rheumatic Ophthalmia, It Has Also Proved Effectual

Cases successfully treated by it are related by Graefe and Ammon.**

1829. In Atrophy, whether connected with Rheumatism or Scrofula, or mal-assimilation of Food, Cod Liver Oil has proved signally beneficial. In Gaol Cachexia, or in that cachectic state which occurs in those who have been long shut up in close ill-ventilated prisons, it is strongly recommended by Mr. C. Rose.

1830. Laryngismus Stridulus

To correct the faulty constitution, or to give a healthy impulse to the vegetative forces, the most sure means of diminishing that excessive nervous irritability which is of itself sufficient to induce spasm, Dr. Merei states, that no remedy can bear comparison with Cod Liver Oil.

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To a child of from two to four months old, he gives 3j. - 3ij; to one of six months, 3iv. - 3vj. or more. If it cause diarrhoea, it may be combined with Dover's Powder. "When it disagrees, fss. - fj. should be rubbed daily on the spine.