909. In Infantile Cholera, Coffee Has Been Extensively Used By Dr

Pickford, on the recommendation of Dr. Dewees. who states that in these cases he has often seen it act like a charm. Dr. Pickford employs it in infusion (j. of Coffee, fij. of water, and fj. of syrup). Of this he gives a large spoonful every hour. He states that it produces very marked effects, allaying the irritability of the stomach, and improving the colour and character of the motions. It was employed in nine children of different ages, from four weeks to two years and a half old. The dose varied from ss. - ij. daily. In each case its success was unequivocal.

910. In The Bilious Diarrhoea Which Was Epidemic In 1813, Dr

West§; found the combination of Coffee and Opium very efficacious; and Lauzow, Chultze, and other German physicians, speak of it as a valuable remedy in these cases.

911. In The Vomiting Of Pregnancy, Prof

Meigs advises a cup of hot Coffee and a piece of dry toast to be taken very early in the morning; after which, the patient should be quiet until her usual time of rising: by this means the vomiting may often be prevented.

912. In Tic Douloureux, Hemicrania, and other Neuralgic Head Affections, Coffee is much employed by the Belgian physicians. It has been employed with success by Nebelius and Baglivi, in Cephalalgia; by Dufour, in Hemicrania; and by M. Vanden-Corput,|| in other forms of Neuralgia. M. Harmon advises the internal use of the Citrate of Caffeine, in doses of gr. j. every hour, for some time before the expected paroxysm.

913. In Intermittent And Other Fevers, Grindel And M

Dorpat regard Coffee as a powerful febrifuge. In Dutch Batavia, it is used in strong infusion, with Lemon-juice, in the virulent fevers endemic in that island The practice, passing from thence, has been introduced into Holland, where, M. Vanden-Corput states, it is now preferred to Quinine. Pouqueville declares that it is infallible in the intermittents of the Morea, and Martin-Solon approves of its use in the adynamic form of Typhoid Fever.¶ It has been recently proposed to administer a strong infusion of Coffee in febrile diseases, with a view to limit the metamorphosis of tissues.

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914. In Hay Fever, or Hay Asthma, a cup of strong Coffee, without milk or sugar, repeated every two hours, is spoken of by Mr. Worthington,* as affording relief when various other remedies had proved unsuccessful.

915. In Hooping Cough, Strong Coffee Is Strongly Recommended By Dr


916. In Poisoning by Opium, Aconitine, and other Narcotic Poisons, a strong infusion of Coffee, without milk or sugar, is an effectual stimulant. It is also advantageously given in the depression after drunkenness.

917. In Nervous and Hysterical Headaches, a cup of strong Coffee is recommended by Percival and Baglivi.