987. Therapeutic Uses

In Vomiting, Gastrodynia, and Nausea, Creasote is a remedy of great power. Dr. Elliotson§; considers it of superior efficacy to Prussic Acid; indeed, he says he knows of no medicine to be compared with Creasote in arresting vomiting. Drs. Shortt, A. T. Thompson, Bodington, Cormack, and others, bear witness to its efficacy. Even in vomiting attendant upon cancer of the stomach, Dr. Shortt found it afford temporary relief. Mr. Taylor* quotes nineteen cases of vomiting, arising from various causes, treated with Creasote; in eighteen it proved successful. (Dr. Cormack.)

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988. In Diarrhoea, Creasote Is Occasionally Effectual In Arresting The Discharge

Dr. Kesteven states that he has found it so uniformly successful, that he rarely uses any other than the following formula: -988 In Diarrhoea Creasote Is Occasionally Effectua 76 Creasote ej - iv., Spt. Ammon. Arom. exv., Aq. fiss., M. When there was much pain, T. Camph. Co. was added. He attributes its influence to its coagulating properties. Mr. Richardson § also speaks highly of its efficacy.

989. In Hemorrhage, Creasote, Internally And Externally, Has Been Used With Advantage

In Hmoptysis, it has been successfully employed by Bichthauer, Hoering, Reichenbach, and others. In Hmaturia, it is stated to have proved useful. In superficial Hmorrhage from wounds, leech-bites, after the extraction of teeth, &c, Creasote is an excellent styptic. Mr. Cormack|| states, that by its means he arrested haemorrhage from the carotid artery.

990. In Diabetes, Dr

Elliotson ¶ employed Creasote in three instances with apparently good effects. He commences with small doses (ej. - iij.), and gradually increases the dose a drop every day or every other day, until it disagrees, when the dose may be diminished or discontinued. As it produced no action on the bowels, aperients were occasionally necessary; the urine, in each case, was much improved in quantity and character; and there was frequent micturition. Dr. Watson** also speaks favourably of it. He relates two cases, in which it produced "the happiest effects," and he quotes the experience of Dr. Mac Intyre, also, in its favour.

991. In Glanders in the human subject, Creasote is one of the few medicines which make any impression; and the effect of this is often very transitory. Dr. Elliotson, in 1835, employed it successfully in three cases. The nasal cavities should several times a day be thoroughly syringed out with Creasote, diluted with water; the abscesses should be opened as they form, and the patient's strength supported. These combined measures proved successful in the hands of Dr. Elliotson.

992. In Chronic Bronchitis, accompanied by excessive expectoration, the inhalation of the vapour of Creasote, mixed with that of boiling water (Creasotinti. - eiij, Aq. Ferv. Oss.), is useful in checking the secretion. It also corrects the ftor of the sputa in Dilatation of the Bronchi and Pulmonary Abscess (Garrod*).

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