993. Salivation From Mercury Is Stated By

Dr. Faulcon to be speedily improved and cured by a gargle composed of f3ss. of Creasote in Oj. of Sage tea. Any other mild vehicle may be substituted.

994. In Gonorrha And Gleet, Dr

Dick, of Glasgow, successfully employed Creasote, and states that, in a chronic stage, it was of more obvious benefit than Copaiba. Dose, gutt. ij. daily, on sugar. In the hands of Drs. Elliotson and Hahn, the same treatment was unsuccessful.

995. In Toothache, a single drop of pure Creasote, applied to a carious tooth, affords occasionally immediate relief. (Elliotson.)

996. In some Diseases of the Skin, Creasote has been found useful; particularly in Prurigo Senilis, Lepra, Psoriasis, Impetigo, Acne Indurata, Acne Rosacea, and Scabies. It may be applied in the form of ointment (ut supra). In Ringworm, pure Creasote rubbed into the surface, is stated to be efficacious. In Pruritus Pudendi, a weak solution is sometimes useful.

997. In Sloughing and Phagedenic Ulcerations, the local application of pure Creasote has, in many instances, been found beneficial. Dr. Elliotson states that, under its use, he has seen foul ulcers become clean, and long-standing ones heal rapidly. To indolent and mild Ulcers a weak solution (gutt. vj. - xij., Aq. fl. oz. j.) may be applied.

998. To Bed Sores, Reichenbach's Lotion (1 part of Creasote to 80 of Water) is stated to be an efficacious application. It is also said to be a preventive.

999. In Erysipelas, Dr

Fahnstock,§ of Pittsburgh, speaks in praise of pure Creasote as a local application. It should be sufficiently strong to render the cuticle white immediately that it is applied, and should be pencilled over the whole of the inflamed surface, and for a small space beyond it. In Phlegmonous Erysipelas, the application should be made more frequently than in the idiopathic kind, and a cold bread poultice or a compress moistened with Creasote should be kept on the part. (Mr. E. Wilson. ||) In Puerperal Fever, Dr. Mackenzie¶ states that for several years he has used with great advantage Creasote injections, in strength varying from eviij. - xij., in Oj. of thin mucilage.

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In Phlegmasia dolens, he * also recommends the use of Creasote injections daily.

1000. In Ephelis, Dr

Copland suggests the internal exhibition of Creasote. He states that, in one instance in which he prescribed it, it was productive of great benefit