1095. In Simple Hypertrophy Of The Heart, Dr

Hope* found the best effects follow the use of the T. of Digitalis, in doses of ex. - xxx. twice or thrice daily. By others, however, it is considered to be contra-indicated in simple hypertrophy, and to be only useful in hypertrophy with dilatation (ante).

1096. In Hypertrophy of the Valves of the Heart, attended with much irritability and frequent pulsation, Dr. Hope states that he has seldom seen the following formula fail in affording relief: -1095 In Simple Hypertrophy Of The Heart Dr 86 Pil. Hydrarg. gr. iij., Pulv. ScillAe gr. j., Pulv. Digitalis gr. j. - iss.. ter in die sumend.; or it may be given once or twice a day, with the following draught: -T. ScillAe exx., Spt. Aether. Nit., Spt. Juniper. Co. aa f3ss. - f3j., Decoct. Spartii fiss., M. ft. haust.

1097. In Pericarditis, after the acute symptoms have been subdued, sedatives are, in some instances, productive of benefit; but much caution is necessary in their use. Dr. Hope states that where there is great restlessness and nervous irritability, he has seen much benefit from the following formula: -1095 In Simple Hypertrophy Of The Heart Dr 88 T. Digitalis, T. Hyoscyami aa exv. - xx., Aquas fiss., M. ft. haust. ter quarterve in die sumend.

1098. In Aneurism, According To Dr

Hope, Digitalis is eminently useful, by enfeebling and retarding the action of the heart and arteries, and thus promoting the stagnation of blood within the sac. He advises the patient to be kept under the influence of the medicine for several consecutive weeks, when an interval of a week or two may be interposed, to obviate any cumulative effect.

1099. In Arteritis, Digitalis is a powerful auxiliary, assisting to control the morbidly increased action of the heart and arteries. It should not be used to the exclusion of depletion, calomel, and other antiphlogistic measures.

1100. In Asthma Connected With Disease Of The Heart, Dr

Hope§ speaks of the following draught as an excellent adjunct to other treatment: -1100 In Asthma Connected With Disease Of The Heart 89 T. Digit, exx. - f3ss., T. Opii vel Hyos. evj. - x., Aq. Cinnam. fiss., M. Care should be taken to intermit the Digitalis, before its specific poisonous effects are produced.

1101. In Spasmodic Asthma, Digitalis Is Occasionally Serviceable

Dr. Ferriar, in 1799, employed it extensively; and Dr. Sugrue,|| of Cork, relates several instances, one of them a case of great severity, which were cured by the Tincture, in doses of exv., twice daily. He found that, under its use, the most violent symptoms were mitigated, the expectoration diminished, and the general health visibly improved.

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