3144. Therapeutic Uses

Gargles are chiefly employed as topical applications in various affections of the throat, in Cy-nanche Tonsillaris and Maligna, in ulceration of the fauces, in relaxation of the uvula, &c. None of these, however, require separate notice in this place, having been considered more particularly in the body of this work.

3145. In Deafness which originates in acute or chronic disease of the throat, gargles are amongst the most useful means which can be resorted to. And when it is considered how very often inflammations of the ear, and deafness, are caused by lesions of the Eustachian tube, proceeding from the throat and posterior nares, especially during the various forms of Cynanche, and in the course of eruptive fevers, the importance of these means cannot be overlooked. These applications should be suited to the nature of the affection of the throat; in the more sthenic states of inflammatory action, they should be refrigerant and contain Nitrate of Potash, or Hydrochlorate of Ammonia, or Biborate of Soda; in the more asthenic forms of the affection, they may be astringent, tonic, and stimulant, and may contain either of these, or some other detergent substances. "When the occlusion of the guttural extremity of the Eustachian tube with mucus is suspected, these salts, especially the last, will be of service; and when the deafness is in a great measure nervous, the Tincture of Capsicum may be added to these, or to any other form of gargle that may be preferred. In Deafness connected with Secondary Syphilis, the Bichloride of Mercury may be employed, in the form of gargle, with advantage. (Dr. Copland.*)