2012. In Hydrophobia, Opium In Large Quantities Has Been Administered By Drs

Babington, Vaughan, Booth, Bardsley, Brandreth, and others; and the result which they almost uniformly arrived at was, that it is utterly incapable of curing the disease, or even of controlling the symptoms.

2013. In Neuralgic Affections, Opium internally administered, is occasionally beneficial; but it is inferior in efficacy and in uniformity of action to Belladonna. Endermically applied, it is often of great service. (See Morphia.)

2014. In Syphilis, it was formerly highly esteemed; but, at the present day, it is only regarded as an adjunct to other treatment, to reduce any increased constitutional irritation, and to prevent other remedies, particularly mercurials, from passing off by the bowels. In Syphilitic Eruptions, and Syphilitic Sore Throat, attended with phagedenic ulceration, Opium is a valuable means of quieting the constitutional disturbance, and arresting the progress of the disease. Dr. Schedel states that he has seen it in several cases effect a cure, where the eruptions and other symptoms had resisted all other measures. It is to be given, he adds, at first in 1/2 gr. doses, gradually increased, every three or four days; it may be carried as far as gr. iv. daily, but it requires to be watched.

* Med. Gaz., Nov. 29, 1850. Lib. of Med, vol i. p. 440.

2015. In Psoriasis, Attended With Distressing Irritation, Dr

Holland * states that he knows of no application which is more beneficial than soft poultices, prepared with a small proportion of a solution of Opium, and continued until the state of the skin is thoroughly changed.

2016. The deep-seated pain in Herpes Zoster is greatly relieved by an ointment containing Opium and Liq. Plumb. Subacet.