3015. Diseases Of The Genito-Urinary Organs

In Acute Nephritis, leeches, or cupping over the loins, followed by the free use of opiates, diluents, and demulcents, with rest and an antiphlogistic regimen, often suffice, "without venAesection. In Cystitis, leeches over the pubes, and to the verge of the anus, opiate enemas, hot baths, demulcents, &c, are usually sufficient, without any extensive general blood-letting. In Acute Metritis, local or general blood-letting, and other antiphlogistic measures, are indicated, as in the preceding cases. When these diseases assume a chronic form, or are of a subacute character, cupping on the loins will generally prove sufficient.

3016. Diseases Of The Eye

In all cases of Inflammation of the Structures of the Eye, including under this head, Iritis, Conjunctivitis, Retinitis, Sclerotitis, Inflammation of the Capsule of the Crystalline Lens, Inflammatory Amaurosis, and Purulent and Gonorrhal Ophthalmia, bleeding, both local and general, was formerly regarded as an essential part of successful treatment; but it is now admitted that the cases requiring general bloodletting are very limited. If the inflammation be extensive and intense, if the constitution sympathise, and there be a hot, dry skin, full pulse, and general febrile action, and if, in addition to this, the patient be strong and robust, general bleeding may be employed with safety and advantage. If, on the other hand, the local inflammation be not of a very severe description; if the skin be cool, the pulse quiet and soft, and the febrile action slight; and if, moreover, the patient be old and debilitated, or if the constitution present the scrofulous diathesis strongly marked, the local abstraction of blood, by leeching and cupping on the temples, should be employed in preference. A strict antiphlogistic diet, with Calomel, Belladonna, &c, are the other measures indicated. The old plan of bleeding to the extent of 90 or even 100 oz. is now very properly abandoned.