1395. In Delirium Tremens, Dr

Copland,§ considering that biliary derangement favours the supervention of the attack, advises the following formula: -1395 In Delirium Tremens Dr 113 Calomel. Camphor, aa gr. x., Pulv. Opii gr. j., ft. bolus. This is to be followed in one or two hours by an enema. Dr. Corfe || found that full doses of Calomel, given freely, so as to unload the stomach and intestines, will often induce sleep when Opium has failed. He has published three cases illustrative of its efficacy. Dr. J. Bird¶ also speaks favourably of the free use of Calomel as a means of restoring the proper excretory functions of the liver, and thereby eliminating the poisoned products from the blood.

1396.In Apoplexy, Calomel (Gr

x. - xv.), mixed with a few grains of Camboge, rubbed up with butter, and placed at the root of the tongue, is advised by Dr. Copland as a speedy and effectual purge. It is not, however, unattended with danger, alarming ptyalism

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having followed its administration.* When the attack has passed off, a slight mercurial course has been found useful in promoting the absorption of any effused fluid, and in restoring the normal character and state of the secretions. In Sthenic Apoplexy, a more moderate dose of Calomel (gr. v.), with a drop of Croton Oil placed in the same way at the root of the tongue, is often of great value in emptying the bowels and unloading the portal circulation.