3095. Therapeutic Uses

In Paraplegia and Hemiplegia, it proved very successful in the hands of Dr. Terzi.* He also found it effectual in facial Paralysis.

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§ Dublin Quart. Journ. of Med. Science, Nov. l864.

3096. In Bronchocele, It Was Employed Successfully By Dr

Terzi. The number of plates employed amounted to sixteen or twenty, and upon the intervening discs of cloth, moistened in an acid or saline solution, a little Tincture of Iodine was dropped. The tumour at first became painful, and increased in size, but soon after diminished.

3097. In Sciatica, Tic Douloureux, and some forms of Chronic Rheumatism, electro-puncture has been found serviceable. It should be applied only during the intermissions of pain.

3098. In Ununited Fractures, It Was Employed In Three Cases By Dr

Lente, of New York. To be efficacious, the needles should be passed down to the ends of the bones: the simple application of the poles to the soft parts adjacent to the fracture appears to have little influence.

3099. In Aneurism, Electro-Puncture Has Lately Been Much Used In France And Germany

It being a well-ascertained fact that galvanism or electricity has the power of coagulating fibrine, it is employed with a view of coagulating the blood within the aneurismal tumour. Dr. Althaus insists on the necessity of employing continuous galvanic currents, and not induction currents, in the electric treatment of aneurisms and varices, and that the positive pole at which alone the clot is produced should alone be made to act on the blood. The employment of galvano-puncture in these cases, however, is not unfrequently attended by phlebitis, and other ill effects, and its efficacy is far from being well established. Dr. Althaus thinks that, in the treatment of Varices, galvanization would be more frequently successful than in that of Aneurisms.