3. Under Its Influence The Patient's Weight Is Generally Increased

It may be advantageously combined with Cod Liver Oil.

1164. In Amenorrhaea And Dysmenorrhaea, Drs

Turnbull. Williams, Thompson, Ranking, and others, speak highly of the value of the Iodide, particularly when they occur in women of a scrofulous habit. A return of the catamenia has, in many instances, speedily followed the use of the Iodide; it is best given in the form of the Syrup, fl. drm. ss. -fl. drm. j. thrice daily. Dr. Turnbull considers that it possesses a directly stimulating action on the uterus.

1165. In Chlorosis, accompanied by much torpor of the system, and where none of the symptoms referable to particular organs are very marked, the Iodide is often speedily efficacious. Dr. Ashwell § speaks highly of the following formula: -1164 In Amenorrhaea And Dysmenorrhaea Drs 93 Ferri Iod. gr. xvj., T. Calumb. fj., Aq. fvij., M. sumat. coch. mag. ij bis terve quotidie.

1166. In Leucorrhaea, The Iodide, Internally And Externally, Has Proved Serviceable

At the same time that it is given internally, an ointment (3J. -Lard j.) is advised by Pierquin|| to be rubbed into the upper part of the thighs; and Ricord¶ recommends it in the form of vaginal injection (3ss. - 3J. ad Aq. fviij.). In Gonorrhoea, an injection (gr. j. - Aq. fj.) has been spoken of as efficacious.

1167. In Catarrh Of The Uterus, Prof

Strohl,** of Strasburg, recommends the injection into the uterus of a solution of the Iodide of Iron (3J. - Aq. fxij.). Of 29 cases, 25 recovered under its use. (See art. Uterine Injections, part ii.)

1168. In Albuminuria, the Iodide of Iron has occasionally proved highly serviceable; it is particularly indicated in old, broken-down constitutions. In one case, a complete cure was effected by its means, in doses of gr. 1/3 gradually increased to gr. j. daily.

1169. In Diabetes, The Iodide Promises To Be A Remedy Of Great Value

It should be commenced in small doses, and persevered in for a long period, associating with it a diet of light animal food and cruciferous vegetables. (See sect 148.)

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1170. In Secondary Syphilis, when the constitution is much debilitated and cachectic, a course of the Iodide of Iron, with the decoction of Sarsaparilla, often proves essentially useful. Mercurials in every form should be carefully avoided.

1171. In Organic Disease Of The Ovaries, Dr

Copland* states that the Iodide has appeared to him to act most beneficially. In Ovarian Dropsy, he also reports favourably of its operation. To its internal use should be conjoined the external application of Iodine to the inner sides of the thighs, or over the abdomen.

1172. In Chronic Diseases of the Liver, the Iodide is occasionally productive of great benefit. Dr. Venables speaks highly of its efficacy, and advises it to be commenced in doses of gr. j., thrice daily, and gradually increased, when the symptoms warrant it, to gr. x.; but it is seldom that so large a dose can be required.