1185. In Purulent Ophthalmia, The Perchloride, According To Dr

De Conde,¶ exercises an instantaneous hAemostatic effect upon the hAemorrhagic mucous membrane, and also a marked influence upon the secretion. In Panniform Keratitis, it has been successfully employed by M. Foulin** and others. A large drop of the solution (Baum6 30°) is dropped into the eye by means of a quill every second or third day.

1186. In Acute and Chronic Urethritis, the Perchloride internally and locally, in the form of injection, is favourably reported of by M. Barudel. As a means of destroying Syphilitic Infection, M. Rodet suggests the practice of thoroughly bathing the parts to which the virus has been applied, before it has time to become absorbed into the system, with the following lotion: -1185 In Purulent Ophthalmia The Perchloride Accord 94 Ferri Perchlorid. f3j., Acid Hydrochlor. f3iss., Aqua? fj.i M. Experiments on himself seem to attest its efficacy. Dr. M. Mackenzie§§ has recorded a case of syphilitic stenosis of the larynx in which inhalation of a "pulverized solution" of Perchloride of Iron (gr. v. ad fj.) was followed by most satisfactory results, all cough and stridor rapidly disappearing.

1187. In Phthisis, The Perchloride, According To Dr

J Jones,|||| undoubtedly possesses the power of arresting the development of tubercle, at the same time that it alters the constitutional condition which precedes and attends its development. In every stage

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he regards it as more or less beneficial. His testimony in its favour is very strong - perhaps a little too highly coloured.

1188. In Dysentery, M

Baudon* obtained excellent effects from the Perchloride (gutt. xij. - xxx. in water and syrup in the twenty-four hours). He also used it (gutt. xij. - xxv.) in enemas, combining it with Opium if there was much pain.