1197. Other Diseases

In Albuminuria, the red globules of the blood have been found much impoverished, and consequently the salts of Iron are clearly indicated. Dr. Heaton|| advises this Tincture as the most generally active and beneficial, and one which combines diuretic and chalybeate properties. In the majority of cases in which he employed it the improvement was most marked and unequivocal. Mr. Dutt¶ relates a case of Chylous Urine cured by this Tincture, exv. in infusion of Quassia thrice daily.

1198. In Diabetes, especially in that occurring in broken-down constitutions, it has been employed in many cases, with more or less permanent benefit. Mr. Clay** relates three cases which completely yielded to a mixture similar to the following: -

1197 Other Diseases 96 T. Ferri Sesquichlor. f3ij., T. Opii f3iss., QuinAe Sulph. gr. viij., Aq. fvj., M. sumat. fj. ter in die. Mr. J. Bell also relates a case which yielded to the same remedy. The diet should be carefully attended to.

1199. In Beri-Beri, It Was Strongly Advised By Mr

Ridley, who saw much of this disease in Ceylon. He regarded it as a powerful anti-spasmodic (?), in the acute form of the disease. Mr. Malcolmson, in quoting this, remarks that he is not aware of its having been employed to any extent; but it is to be observed that Iron is one of the most approved remedies of the Teloogoo doctors. They use it, mixed with the astringent juice of the mango and other trees; probably in the form of an oxide, united with gallic acid.

1200. In The Profuse Perspirations Of Phthisis, Dr


* Lancet, Dec. 5, 1840. Obstetric Record, March 1849. Materia Medica, vol. i. p. 845. § North American Med.-Chir.Rev., July 1860.

|| Provincial Journal, April 4,1849.

¶ Lancet, July 26, 1862. ** Ibid., Oct. 10, 1840. Med. Gaz., April 29, 1842. On Beriberi and Rheumatism, p. 284. §§ Lectures, vol. ii. p. 215.

states that he has frequently succeeded with this Tincture in doses of evxx. thrice daily, after other expedients had failed. Dr. Cotton* regards it as one of the most useful agents in the treatment of ordinary cases of Phthisis. Upwards of 66 per cent. of cases treated with it derived more or less advantage from its use.

1201. In Dyspepsia Connected With Scrofulous Disease, Dr

Todd speaks favourably of the following formula: -1201 In Dyspepsia Connected With Scrofulous Diseas 97 T. Ferri Sesquichlor., T. Iodinii (Ph. Lond.) aa f3ij., Aq. fjss., M. sumat. gutt. x. - xxx. ter in die ex aqua.

1202. In Hysteria Connected With Debility, The Tincture, Eviij

- x., in combination with Spt. Ammon. Aromat., is often sig-nilly beneficial. Bathing, generous diet, and gentle exercise, are measures which should never be neglected.

1203. Against Ascarides Vermiculares,

Dr. Darwell speaks highly of an enema composed of fss. of this Tincture in Oss. of Water. He says that few cases are so obstinate that this will not overcome them. A brisk purgative of Jalap and Calomel should be given previously.