1219. In Tetanus, It Appears To Have Been Occasionally Beneficial

In three cases treated by Dr. Elliotson,|| two recovered. It was administered in doses of ij. - ss. every two hours; and costiveness obviated, by fij. of 01. Terebinth., followed, if necessary, by 01. Pacini. It was mixed with twice its quantity of treacle, and blended with strong beef-tea. Mr. Woolan¶ also relates an interesting case, which recovered under its use, in doses of 3ij. every hour. It appears to be chiefly applicable to cases occurring in anaemic subjects, where much blood has been lost, or where the disease is associated with hysteria.

1223. In Infantile Convulsions, Dr

Locock** speaks very favourably of this and other preparations of Iron, particularly in those cases where there is any exhaustion or debility, and an absence of any decided determination of blood to the head. He relates, in illustration, the case of a child two months old, who for seventeen days had convulsions three or four times a day, or oftener: these resisted every treatment until Ferri Carb. in doses of gr. v. every two hours was given, when they at once yielded, and the child recovered. A case in which the Peroxide of Iron proved signally beneficial is recorded by Dr. S. Lawrence. He considers that in these cases it acts as a nervine or nerve-tonic, lowering the sensibility of the nervous system when preternatu-rally exalted. He regards it as a mistake deferring the use of Iron until the case becomes chronic or debility supervenes, and lays it down as a maxim, that if all offending matter has been got rid of from the bowels and stomach, and other existing causes of irritation removed, - if the circulation be tranquil during the intervals of the paroxysms, and if no organic change is associated

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with the malady, - the exhibition of the Iron cannot be too soon begun.

1221. Laryngismus Stridulus

In order to strengthen the system,and diminish the excessive nervous sensibility which is so constantly a cause of this disease, Dr. Merei* thinks highly of this and the other preparations of Iron; but he advises it to be preceded by Cod Liver Oil. If this disagrees, or produces no benefit, Iron may be had recourse to, with every prospect of success. It should be carefully watched, lest the bowels become overloaded.

1222. In Chorea, Dr

Elliotson employed the Peroxide successfully in eight cases. He gave it in doses of 3ss. - 3j., increased to 3iij. - 3iv. every six hours; and, at the same time, employed active aperients. In one very obstinate case, I employed this treatment with success. The purgatives appear greatly to aid the efficacy of the Iron. Dr. Stone considers that it acts both more certainly and more rapidly than Zinc.