1223. In Hooping-Cough, Lombard Speaks Highly Of This Preparation In Doses Of Gr

xviij. - xl. in the course of the day; and Dr. Steymann also employed it with great success in doses of gr. vj. - viij. daily.

1224. In Paralysis Agitans occurring in old debilitated subjects, or when it is associated with Anaemia, the Peroxide of Iron, in full doses, will occasionally prove useful. Dr. Elliotson§; relates a case successfully treated with it, but he found it fail in others. In Mercurial Tremor, it is advised by Dr. Watson.||

1225. In Angina Pectoris, When Attended By Any Degree Of Anaemia, Dr

Hope¶ speaks of this preparation as one of the most efficacious internal remedies. It may be given in doses of gr. xl. - gr. xc. thrice daily.

1226. Other Diseases

In Cancer, Mr. Carmichael** advised the Peroxide in doses of 3ss. - 3j. daily, in divided doses, combined with Aloes (gr. 1/2 - gr. j.) to prevent constipation. If it produced headache, dyspnoea, &c. it was discontinued, and Camphor (gr. iv. every six hours) was substituted. At the same time, this salt was made into a thin paste with water, and applied externally. He thought highly of its efficacy, but it is now rarely employed.

1227. In Gout occurring in persons of debilitated constitution, and in many cases of Irregular Gout, the Peroxide of Iron will often be found of the highest service; the bowels having previously been well evacuated, and the urine restored to a healthy condition by alkaline medicines. Such treatment is favourably spoken of by Dr. Robertson. Lithic Acid Deposits, which occasionally depend upon deficient oxygenation, as well as upon a superabundance of proteine articles of diet, have been found to yield to the preparations of Iron. A case in which the Peroxide thus acted is related by M. Cantilena.*

* Edin. Monthly Journ., Nov. 1850. Med.-Chir. Trans., vol. xiii. Med. Times, Sept. 17, 1859. § Med. Chir. Trans., op. cit. || Lectures, vol. i. p. 682.

¶ On Diseases of the Heart, p. 501. ** On the Effects of the Carb. of Iron upon Cancer, Dublin, ] SOS. Essay on Gout.

1228. In Palpitations Accompanied By Debility, Dr

Hope recommends the Sesquioxide in doses of 3j. - 3iij. thrice daily, and a pill composed of Pil. Aloes Co. and Pil. Galban. Co. aa gr. ij. at bedtime. He states that he has seen the best effects follow this treatment.

1229. In purulent Discharges from the Aural, Nasal, and Vaginal passages, the sequelae of Infantile Diseases, Mr. W. Cooke states that he has found the greatest benefit accrue from the use of this preparation, in doses as large as the stomach will bear without discomfort. The local treatment consists of injections of the Sulphate of Zinc (grs. iij. - v. ad Aq. fj.). In every case marked improvement followed this treatment.

1230. Against Worms (Ascarides Lumbricoides),

Dr. Rush advises, in strong terms, the use of the Peroxide, in doses of gr. v. - 5ss. daily, with the employment of an occasional purgative.