1244. In Leucorrha, Dr

Churchill advises the Sulphate, combined with Pil. Hydrarg. or Pil. Rhei Co. Under its continued use, the digestive organs and general health improved, and the discharge diminished. A blister to the sacrum aids other treatment.

1245. In Cancer Of The Uterus, Dr

Ashwell§; states that a solution of the Sulphate of Iron (3J. - 3iss. ad Aq. Oj.) often proves beneficial in diminishing the quantity, odour, and acrimony of the discharge.

1246. In Prolapsus Of The Rectum, The Daily Use Of An Injection Of The Sulphate (Gr

j. - ij. ad Aq. fj.), is highly spoken of by Mr. Vincent.|| He states that perseverance in its use for a week or two often obviates the necessity of an operation.

1247. In Piles attended with much Haemorrhage, and where the parts are not much inflamed, a solution (gr. ij. - Aq. fl. oz. j.) of the Sulphate daily injected is of great service.

1248. In Cardialgia, Gastrodynia, and in Ulceration of the Stomach, the following formula of Dr. Abercrombie has been found very effectual: -1246 In Prolapsus Of The Rectum The Daily Use Of A 104 Ferri Sulph. gr. ij., Aloes gr. j. - ij., Pulv. Cinnam. gr. v., M. ft. pil. ij. ter in die sumend. The bowels should be carefully regulated at the same time.

1249. In Enlargements Of The Spleen, The Sulphate Of Iron Is A Remedy Of Great Value

Cruveilhier ¶ regards the salts of Iron as a specific in Hypertrophy of the Spleen, or in Chronic Splenitis, and he states that, by their aid, he has obtained complete resolution of enlargements of the spleen, which have occupied half or even two-thirds of the abdomen. The Sulphate may be given in doses of gr. vj. - x. daily, in combination with purgatives. It is the base of Shoolbred's Powder,** which, for forty years, main-

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|| Edin. Med. Surg. Journ., Jan.

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tained a high character in India in these affections: -1249 In Enlargements Of The Spleen The Sulphate Of 105 Pulv. Jalapae, P. Rhei, P. CalumbAe, Potas. Bitart. aa 3j., Ferri Sulph. 3ss., M. ft. pulv. Dose, sufficient to open the bowels, three or four times daily. I have seen the best effects follow a somewhat similar formula.

1250. In Intermittent Fevers, The Sulphate Of Iron Was First Employed By Dr

Marc,* in 1808; and so great was the success which attended its use, that M. Corvisart was appointed to inquire into the practice. His report was most favourable; but, from some unexplained cause, it fell into disuse. I have employed it in between 100 and 200 cases of ordinary Intermittents, Quotidian, Tertian, and Quartan, such as occur in the Tenasserim Provinces; and, in upwards of two-thirds of the cases treated by it, a speedy and complete cure resulted. It also proved successful in some cases, where Quinine had previously failed. The dose employed varied from gr. viij. to x. daily, in divided doses, given during the intermissions. It has been usually exhibited in the form of pill, with gr. j. - ij. of Ext. Hyoscyami; or in solution, with Infus. QuassiAe. It proved most successful in anAemic subjects, and in those with evident enlargement of the spleen. A low diet is necessary; the bowels should be carefully regulated, and all acids and acidulous fruits avoided. The last point requires to be strictly attended to. It is a remedy of great power in these cases, and merits a further trial. It is inadmissible if much gastric irritability be present, or where the patient is stout and plethoric, with a determination of blood to the head. In obstinate cases the quantity may be increased to gr. xx. daily, in divided doses.