1251. In Intermittent Hemicrania, The Internal Use Of The Sulphate In Doses Of Gr

viij. - x. daily, either alone or in combination with Ext. Hyoscyami, is occasionally sufficient to effect a cure. In one very obstinate case, when Quinine failed, it afforded immediate relief, in my practice.

1252. In Hypochondriasis, The Sulphate Of Iron Is Very Efficacious

It may be combined with Gentian, Quinine, or Henbane, and a steady perseverance in its use has been found attended with the best effects. It is inadmissible in highly irritable states of the intestinal canal.

1253. In Hysteria Connected With Debility, The Sulphate, In Doses Of Gr

ij. night and morning, has been found highly beneficial. Dr. Laycock advises the following pills: -1253 In Hysteria Connected With Debility The Sulph 106 Ferri Sulph. gr. xv., Pulv. Colocynth. gr. ij.,Pil. Hyd. gr. xij., Ext. Colchici Acet. gr. ix., Ext. Gent. gr. xxx., M. ft. pil. xij. sumat. j. ter in die.

* See Sedillot's Journ. Gen. de Me'decine, t. xxxiv. and xxxix., and Medico-Chir. Rev., Oct. 1833. . On Hysteria.

1254. In Phthisis, This Salt Is Highly Spoken Of By Dr

Elliotson,* who states, that in doses of gr. ij. - iij. two or three times a-day, it has apparently checked incipient cases, and greatly modified all the symptoms. If it purges, the Carbonate may be substituted.

1255. In Erysipelas, Velpeau Employed The Sulphate In Solution (3j

ad Aq. Oj.), as an external application, in forty cases. In every instance, the active symptoms were subdued in from twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Erratic Erysipelas, however, often resisted its action. He also employed an ointment (3ij., Lard j.), but it was not so efficacious as the solution.

1256. To Chancres, and Venereal Ulcers, the Sulphate, very finely powdered and sprinkled over the surface, has been highly spoken of, as a means of destroying the syphilitic character of the ulceration, and of establishing a healthy surface.

1257. Against Worms, it was employed in the time of Pliny, who speaks highly of its anthelmintic power; and Boerhaave employed it with great success. He dissolved gr. lx. in Oj. of water, and gave it in divided doses, during the day.

1258. In the Chronic stages of Hooping Cough, or when the disease was of a purely nervous character, Dr. Stanger§; found the Sulphate very effectual.

1259. In Neuralgia, Dr

Copland || speaks favourably of this salt, and advises its combination with Cinchona, Quinine, and other medicines.