1335. In Granular Disease Of The Kidney, Dr

Copland* regards the Tincture, or Decoction of Guaiacum, as the best of all the class of diuretics; especially when the skin is cool as well as dry.

1336. In Gout, the decoction (ante) has been extensively employed by the German physicians. Dr. Copland observes that it is more suitable to the atonic or chronic states of the disease than to the acute. It is, however, sometimes useful, conjoined with alkalies and anodynes, after the bowels have been freely evacuated, in old cases and in debilitated habits. The decoction, or the Ammoniated Tincture, are the best forms in these cases.

1337. In Epilepsy, Guaiacum Was Formerly Held In High Esteem

Vesalius, Willis, Hoffmann, and others, extolled its virtues; but it has fallen into disuse. It was considered especially useful, if the disease was connected with a syphilitic taint.

1338. In Amaurosis it has been advised, but is only likely to prove serviceable when the disease is connected with rheumatism; or when it occurs in persons of a rheumatic diathesis.