1542. Other Diseases

In Rheumatism, it has been much employed by the French and Germans. Mr. Taylor ranks it as a specific.

1543. In Gout, Dr

Seidel,§ of Breslau, advises the external use of Hydrocyanic Acid (Scheele's). He states that, if painted over the parts affected, it removes pain in a few hours.

1544. In Hypertrophy Of The Heart, Dr

Hope|| advises Prussic Acid (Scheele's) as a palliative, in doses of gutt. ij. - iij., twice or thrice daily. It requires to be steadily persevered in. In Nervous Palpitations, or those arising from debility, it has also been found a valuable sedative.

1545. In HAemorrhages, it is advised by Granville and others; but it appears to have little influence, except as a sedative to the heart's action.

1546. In Chorea, It Has Proved Occasionally Serviceable

Some cases are related, ¶in which it appeared to remove the convulsive movements, and there can be no doubt that, where much irritation of the nervous system exists, it may prove salutary.

1547. In Tetanus, It Has Been Employed To Allay The Violence Of The Paroxysms

It is favourably reported of by Mr. Ward,** of Gloucester.