1442. Therapeutic Uses

In Secondary or Constitutional Syphilis, Corrosive Sublimate was first recommended by Van Swieten;* and was subsequently used on an extensive scale by Locher, of Vienna, who, in the course of eight years, cured 4,880 persons with this remedy. Prof. Graves speaks highly of it, and recommends gr. 1/8 to be taken twice daily, and about j of Ung. Hydrarg. to be rubbed in every night. Under this treatment, he states that the disease was cured much more rapidly and effectually than if Calomel, Blue Pill, or inunction alone, had been employed. A somewhat similar treatment has been successfully adopted by Biett, Dzondi, and others. One grain is divided into twenty-four pills; of these, one is given daily at first, and another is added every two or three days, until twenty-four or thirty-six are taken daily. In some apparently hopeless cases, this treatment effected a complete cure. The pills should not be given on an empty stomach, and their action should be carefully watched. In Syphilitic Sore Throat, when employed at an early stage, and in mild cases, Mr. Bacot found great benefit from the following gargle: -1442 Therapeutic Uses 121 Hyd. Corros. Sub. gr. j., Aq. fiv. - fvj., M. Its efficacy is increased by the addition of x. - xv. gutt. of Hydrochloric Acid. In Syphilitic Eruptions, baths containing this salt (ss. to each bath) are highly spoken of by Dr. Fricke.

1443. In Gonorrhoea And Gleet, The Injection Of A Solution Of This Salt (Gr

1/8 - 1/2 ad Aq. fj.) often proves an effectual cure.

1444. In Leucorrha, Dr

Dewees employed a solution of this salt (gr. ij. ad Aq. fj.)> as a vaginal injection, with great advantage. It should be used only once a day, for the first two or three days; and subsequently two or three times a day, until heat and irritation occur, when lotions containing Lead will effect a cure. It is only applicable to chronic cases.

* Commentaries, vol. xvii. Clin. Lect., April 6, 1839.

On Diseases of Females, p. 32.

1445. In Prurigo Pudendi, A Lotion Composed Of Corrosive Sublimate (Gr

vj.), Liq. Calcis (fiij. - fiv.) is often effectual. Bateman* employed it with success; and Dr. Watson speaks favourably of it.

1446. Diseases Of The Eye

In Scrofulous Ophthalmia, Dr. Hamilton, of Dublin, found Corrosive Sublimate, in doses of from gr. 1/16 to 1/8 in decoction of Bark, twice daily, very beneficial. The regimen, the state of the digestive organs, &c, should, at the same time, be carefully attended to.

1447. In Catarrhal Ophthalmia, Dr

Mackenzie's collyrium is very efficacious: -1447 In Catarrhal Ophthalmia Dr 122 Hyd. Corros. Sub.gr. j., Ammon. Hy-drochlor. gr. vj., Aq. fviij., M., to be applied tepid several times daily. This is preparatory to the use of a solution of the Argent. Nit. (gr. iv. ad Aq. Dest. fj.), which is dropped into the eye once a day, or oftener. In the purulent Ophthalmia of Infants, the former of these lotions is very serviceable.