1450. In Cancer, Observes Dr

Copland,¶ the preparations of Mercury are always injurious, when exhibited in any other manner than as an alterative; and externally as an astringent and stimulating wash. Corrosive Sublimate, in minute doses, internally, with the Hydrochlorate of Ammonia, or the compound decoction of Sarsaparilla, or with Guaiacum, is often of service, at least in retarding the progress of its early stage; and when the disease has advanced to ulceration, the external use of Corrosive Sublimate with the Hydrochlorate of Ammonia, Lime Water, &c, may occasionally be of some service. Thus pre-scri ed, it has received the approbation of Mosely, Gooch, Gmelin, Sir Astley Cooper, and others. Salivation should be always carefully avoided.

1451. Other Diseases

In Epilepsy, M. Merat** states, that for a period of thirty years, he has used the following pills with evident benefit: -1451 Other Diseases 125 Hydrarg. Corros. Sub. gr. 1/16, Camphor, gr. j., Opii gr. 3/4, Moschi gr. 1/2, M. ft. pil. This pill is to be taken daily at first, and the quantity of the salt increased, as the patient can bear it. He considers gr. ss. daily as much as is beneficial in any case.

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|| Synopsis, op. cit., p. 167. ¶ Diet. Pract. Med., vol. i. p. 287. ** Revue Medicale, Oct. 1344.

1452. In Scrofula, Mr

Balman* states that he has given Corrosive Sublimate in doses of gr. 1/16 - 1/20, twice or thrice daily, and that he has seen it of use in Glandular Swellings, complicated with obstinate scaly Skin disease, particularly Psoriasis. Under these circumstances, provided the health be good, he thinks the salt may be given with advantage. In irritable subjects, he found it hasten the process of suppurative inflammation.

1453. In Acute Hydrocephalus, Corrosive Sublimate, In Doses Of From Gr

1/30 to 1/16, has proved successful in the hands of Br. Merriman and some others. It has the effect of producing copious olive-green stools, and an increase of the urinary secretion. Dr. Weisse relates one almost hopeless case, which yielded to 1/12 of a grain every two hours. It appears to have no advantage over Calomel (q. v.).

1454. In the profuse Perspirations which occur in the second stage of Acute Rheumatism, Dr. Greiner, of Leipsic, recommends the internal use of a solution of this salt (gr. j. ad Aq. j.), in doses of gutt. xv., thrice daily. It should not interfere with other remedies. In Rheumatic Gout, Trousseau found much benefit from baths, each containing the Bichloride ss. and Hydrochlorate of Ammonia j.

1455. In Dropsical Affections arising from Disease nf the Heart, Liver, or Lungs, Corrosive Sublimate is occasionally very efficacious. Dr. Pereira states that, under its use, he has repeatedly seen dropsical symptoms disappear. He advises from t'5ss. to f3j. of the solution (ut supra) every six hours; and adds, that he has given it many days, or even weeks, without affecting the mouth.

1456. In Hypertrophy Of The Uterus, Dr

01dham§; strongly advises the internal use of Corrosive Sublimate, in doses of f3j. - f3ij. of the solution (Ph. L., ut supra) two or three times daily, in combination with a vegetable tonic or chalybeate. It rarely salivates. The reduction of an indurated womb is generally slow, but under the persevering use of this remedy, he states that six or eight weeks will suffice to absorb and soften a considerable hypertrophy. Blistering the sacrum or inguinal regions greatly promotes the reduction.