943. In Erysipelas, Collodion Has Been Successfully Employed In Many Instances By Mr

Luke. || It was applied not only over, but beyond the inflamed surface. Its action appeared to be twofold: - 1, it protects the inflamed surface from contact with the air; and 2, by its pressure drives the blood from the distended capillaries. It is also very favourably spoken of by Mr. E. Wilson.¶

944. To Burns, Collodion Has Been Employed In America, By

Dr. Crawford* * and others. The whole of the inflamed surface is covered with a thin glazing, which effectually excludes the air, and the pain was found to subside almost immediately. The value of Collodion in these cases is confirmed by Dr. Blum-hardt. He considers that it acts by protecting the sensitive cutis, and also by giving uniform support to the part and relieving the capillaries of all undue distension.

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945. To Bed Sores, It Has Been Found An Excellent Application By

Dr. Muirhead, of Glasgow.*

946. On Chapped And Sore Nipples,

Mr. Erasmus Wilson states that the effect of Collodion is very remarkable. The gaping cracks were instantly drawn together, and almost obliterated by the contracting power of the remedy; and were effectually shielded from the influence of moisture, and the pressure of the gums of the infant, in consequence of the rapid evaporation of the Ether in an instant of time. In painful fissures at the base of the Nipple, it has also been successfully employed by Prof. Simpson,:}: of Edinburgh. Having brought the edges of the wound together, he applied Collodion, which formed a protection against all irritating influences, and permitted the child to suck without causing pain to the mother. The healing process took place rapidly. It may also be applied to chapped hands and lips.

947. HAemorrhage from Leech bites, Cupping, and from superficial wounds, is, in the majority of cases, effectually arrested by the application of Collodion. Cases illustrative of its efficacy are given by Dr. Ranking,§ of Norwich, Mr. Wyld,|| Mr. Tucker.¶ and others.

948. In A Case Of Laceration Of The Perinum, Collodion Was Applied By Dr

Cormstock.** He states that it was attended with a success he never witnessed under any other mode of treatment.

949. Wounds, whether caused by operation or accidental, will, it is stated, heal more rapidly under the use of Collodion than under any other treatment. The mode of application is detailed in a former part of this article. Collodion has been used with success as an application to Hernia Cerebri, after compound fracture of the skull, by Mr. Shaw, of the Middlesex Hospital, and Mr. W. D. Spanton.