1841. In Hysteria, Musk Is A Valuable Remedy, In Doses Of Gr

x. - xv. thrice daily. Dr. Conolly,|| who speaks highly of its efficacy, states that he found it particularly useful when the surface was pale and the pulse languid. In Nervous Affections, especially when arising from uterine derangement, it also proves highly serviceable.

1842. Other Diseases

In Typhus and Typhoid Fevers, Musk may often be given with decided advantage. Prof. Huss.¶ of Stockholm, gives the following indications for its use: - " When the patient," he observes, "lies constantly on his back; when he keeps muttering or talking to himself; when he is constantly picking the bed-clothes; when the muscular twitchings, sub-sultus tendinum, or more violent muscular action, is present; when, at the same time, the first sound of the heart is inaudible and the pulse thready; Musk, in doses of gr. v. with gr. j. of Camphor, may be given every two hours, and may be relied on with the greatest confidence." As the patient progresses to health, the intervals between the doses should be lengthened.

1843. When Pneumonia assumes a typhoid character, particularly if it is attended with delirium, Musk is stated by M. Recamier to operate almost as a specific. He gave it in doses of gr. xxiv. - xxx. daily. Cases in which unequivocal benefit was obtained are also related by Dr. Roche.**

1844. In Retrocedent Gout, Musk, In Large Doses, Is Often Productive Of Benefit

Cullen states that, in many instances, he has seen large doses of Musk afford immediate and complete relief.

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1845. In Sleeplessness, occurring in nervous and irritable subjects, in Hypochondriacs and hysterical Females, Dr. Graves* states that Musk, in doses of gr. j. every two hours, often proves eminently successful, even when opiates fail. It may be given with Assa-ftida or alone.