410. In Urticaria Or Nettlerash, When It Assumes A Periodic Character, Dr

Jonathan Green § speaks highly of the value of Arsenic. It is best given in combination with Liq. PotassAe.

411. In Furunculus, Arsenic Has Been Employed By Dr

Schweich,|| who relates some cases which yielded to Liq. Arsenicalis, in doses of gutt. iv., gradually increased to gutt. vj., twice or thrice daily.

412. In Onychia Maligna, much benefit arises from the application of diluted Liquor Arsenicalis (fl. drs. ij. - Aq. fl. oz. ij.). Mr. Luke¶ regards an arsenical ointment (Arsenious Acid gr. ij., Lard j.)as almost a specific.

413. In Elephantiasis Grcorum, Arsenic has for centuries been held in high esteem in India. M. Benet,** formerly physician to the King of Lahore, states that he has in numerous instances seen the following formula prove very efficacious: - 105 grains of Arsenious Acid are triturated with five or six times the quantity of Black Pepper. This is made into a mass, and a pill the size of a "tare" is taken night and morning. This is the celebrated "Tanjore Pill;" and, by the native practitioners of India, is regarded as an almost certain cure.

414. In Frambsia or Yaws, Arsenic, steadily persevered in, is productive of decided benefit. I have seen great amelioration follow the prolonged use of Liq. Arsenicalis, in doses of gutt. iv. - v., gradually increased to gutt. viij. thrice daily. I'n-guentum Hydrarg. Nit. was employed as a local application, and strict attention paid to the bowels. Many cases, however, resist this as well as all other treatment.

415. In Chloasma, It Is Favourably Spoken Of By Mr

E. Wilson (op. cit. p. 357).

* Medical Times, Feb. 1, 1851 Cyc. Pract. Med. vol. iii. p. 44. Clin. Lect. Med. Times, vol. xvi. 1847.

§ On Diseases of the Skin.

|| Brit. and For. Med. Rev. 1848. ¶ Pereira's Mac. Med. vol. i. p. 716. ** Gaz. des Hopitaux, Deo. 14, 1S42.

416. In Cancer, Arsenic Was Formerly Regarded Almost As A Specific

Justamond, Stark, Rush, Fisher, Michaelis, Salmade, and others, speak of its efficacy in the highest terms. More recently it has been advocated by Mr. Hill, who considers that in the majority of cases it will retard the progress of true scirrhous tumour, and often prevent it becoming a cancer. Dr. Copland* believes that when this medicine is cautiously employed, both internally and externally, in conjunction with Narcotics and Alkalies, it exercises a beneficial effect. It is rarely used in the present day, the majority of medical men regarding it not only as useless, but as injurious. Dupuytren's Powder, which obtained much celebrity as a local application to this and other malignant ulcerations, was a composition of 4 parts of Arsenious Acid and 96 of Calomel. This, as well as the Arsenical Paste, formerly also in high repute as a local application, is justly condemned by modern practitioners. In Cancerous and Malignant Ulcers of the Tongue, the internal use of Arsenic is stated to prove highly efficacious.

417. As a remedy for the Bites of venomous Snakes, the Tan-jore Pills, a composition of Arsenic and Black Pepper (described above), have long been highly esteemed by the native practitioners of India. In 1816 this remedy was given a fair trial by Mr. Ireland. of the 60th Regiment, in the bites of a very poisonous snake in the West Indies. Several persons had died of the bites of the same snake previous to being seen by Mr. Ireland. In the first case attended by him, he administered a draught composed of Liq. Arsenicalis f3ij., T. Opii ex., Aq. Menth. Pip. fiss., M. This was added to fss. of lime-juice, and, as it produced a slight effervescence, it was given in that state. This remained on the stomach, and was repeated every half-hour for four successive hours. In the meantime the pans Were fomented, purgative glysters administered, and the follow* -ing liniment applied to the parts: - R Ol. Terebinth., Liq. Ammonite 01. OlivAe 55 fss., M. This case, as well as four others treated in precisely the same manner, perfectly recovered.