1881. In Dysentery, Dr

O'Beirne speaks highly of the efficacy of fomentations of infusion of Tobacco (1/4 lb. of the leaves to Oviij. - Ox. of water) to the abdomen. Under their use, he states that the tormina abate, and the force of the circulation is reduced with less expenditure of general strength than when bleeding is alone employed.

1882. In Peritonitis, Tobacco enemas have been advised by De Haen, Fowler, Abercrombie, and others. Mr. Howship relates three cases successfully treated by the injection of Tobacco smoke. This treatment is now abandoned.

1883. In Fevers, Tobacco Smoking Has Been Advised As A Preventive

It is universally regarded as such in Holland. Dr. M'Gregor § expresses his belief in its preventive power; a belief in which many medical men residing in the tropics fully coincide. Dr. M'Gregor adds, that the sleeplessness of fever will sometimes be most effectually removed by the application of a moistened Tobacco leaf to the shaven scalp.

1884. In Rheumatic Pains of the Joints and Bones, in Gout, and in painful Nodes and Sprains, the application of a moistened Tobacco leaf, or fomentation, has afforded a great amount of relief. I have repeatedly witnessed its efficacy.

1885. HAemorrhage from Leech-bites, &c, may be speedily arrested by applying a piece of Tobacco leaf over the bleeding surface.

1886. In Purulent Ophthalmia, Dr

Vetch || speaks highly of the benefit to be derived from a collyrium of infusion of Tobacco leaves (5ij. ad Aq. fviij.). "It possesses," he says, "the valuable properties of acting as a powerful astringent, restraining the purulent discharge and diminishing the external swelling of the palpebrAe, at the same time that its narcotic qualities often relieve the pain and the perpetual watchfulness, which the largest doses of Opium cannot subdue."

1887. In Phymosis and Paraphymosis, Bergius¶ advises To-

* Op. cit.

Trans, of Irish Coll. of Physicians, vol iv. p. 386. Pract. Observations, &c, p. 19.

§ Med. Surg. Joura. of the N. W. Provinces, 1845.

|| Account of the Ophthalmia, &c, of Egypt, p. 211. ¶ Mat. Med., vol i. p. 222.

bacco fomentations as a means of relieving the pain, swelling, and constriction.

1888. In Porrigo, Scabies, Tinea Capitis, and other Cutaneous Diseases, Tobacco fomentations have been used as a local application; but they are inferior in efficacy and safety to many other means. They are useful in destroying pediculi.