1917. In Gangrene Of The Lungs, Dr

C. B. Williams states that he has used the Nitro-muriatic Acid with a view to counteract the septic influence of the putrescent matter in the system, and apparently with good effects. He mentions one case in which it was productive of the best results.

1918. In Cholera, A Combination Of Nitro-Muriatic Acid (Eiij

) and Laudanum (ex.), every one or two hours, has been extensively tried in India, and with the best results. (Rogers.§)

1919. In Syphilis, the external and internal use of Nitro-muriatic Acid was first recommended by Dr. Scott, || who considered that, if persevered in until soreness of the gums was established, it was capable of effecting a complete and permanent cure of the disease. It is, however, rarely employed at present, unless Mercury is contra-indicated by a scrofulous, Scorbutic, or broken-down constitution. In Secondary and Constitutional Syphilis, however, it may be employed with great benefit, in the manner advised in Hepatitis. It may be given internally, in doses of ex., thrice daily, with Decoct. Sarsae. In Syphilitic Sore Throat, it forms an excellent gargle, properly diluted with water and honey.

1920. In Epilepsy, This Acid Is Suggested By Dr

Hunt¶ on theoretical grounds. He relates seven cases, however, in which it appears to have been serviceable. He prescribes it internally, and also in the form of bath. Where hepatic derangement co-exists, it may prove useful.

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