2034. In Delirium Tremens, It Is Prescribed By Dr

Pauli,* with the view of improving the tone of the digestive organs. He directs 3iij. - 3vj. of fresh Ox-gall in some aromatic water, to be taken in the morning with half a glass of brandy; and gr. ij. of the watery extract of Opium at night. Of forty-three cases thus treated, he lost only one.

2035. In Diabetes, Hufeland and other German physicians are stated to have prescribed fresh Ox-gall, in as large doses as the stomach will bear, and frequently with the effect of causing the disappearance of the saccharine state of the urine during its use; the disease, however, has generally returned, upon discontinuing the medicine. Dr. Copland adds, that he has seen great benefit derived from the inspissated Ox-gall in the form of pill, with Rhubarb and Aloes.

2036. In Epilepsy, The Bile Of Various Animals Has Long Been Employed

Dr. Copland states that he has exhibited the inspissated Ox-gall combined with Assaftida, Galbanum, Myrrh, Aloes, &c, and that it is of much service in the asthenic, dyspeptic, and uterine varieties, and after depletions have been carried to an injurious extent. He mentions one case in which he gave it with very marked advantage.

2037. Deafness, depending upon an accumulation of hardened wax in the meatus, is often much benefited by dropping into the external passage (previously syringed with warm water) a combination of one part of Ox-gall and seven of Olive Oil. In Chronic Rheumatism, Sprains, &c, a solution of Ox-gall in Camphorated Spirit of Wine has been found an extremely useful embrocation. It should be well rubbed in, twice daily.

2038. In Certain Forms Of Hypertrophy, Ox-Gall Is Praised By Dr

Bonorden.§ He cites cases of Induration and Hypertrophy of the Mamma, Hypertrophy of the Tonsils, and some affections of the eye, as Hypertrophic Opacity of the Cornea, Pannus, and Staphyloma, in which great benefit has followed the local application of Ox-gall. He likewise suggests its use in Hypertrophy of the Heart. For external use he uses the following liniment: - ℞ Fell. Tauri Inspiss. 3iij., Ext. Conii 3j., Sapon. Natron. 3ij., 01. Olivae j. M., to be rubbed in four times daily. For enlarged tonsils, it is triturated with water, and applied with a camel-hair pencil. In eye affections the fresh gall may be dropped into the eye several times a day, or it may be applied with a pencil.

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