2051. In Obstinate Vomiting Of Pregnancy, Pepsine Is A Remedy Of Great Power

It was first used for this purpose by Dr. Le Gros. who relates seven cases in which it proved signally beneficial. Its modus operandi in these cases is obscure, but its efficacy is often striking. In one case in my own practice, the Elixir {ante) proved completely and speedily effectual when all other means had failed.

2052. In The Inanition Of Infants, Pepsine Proved Most Effectual In The Hands Of Dr

Joulin. He considers that it should be employed in all cases of congenital feebleness, with arrest of development of the digestive system, and even in complicated cases in which the lesion affects, at the same time, the digestive and respiratory systems. By removing one of the complications which threaten the life of the child, nature is frequently enabled to complete the cure; and the improvement of the digestive system is the first to be accomplished. In the Diarrhoea of young infants, dependent on the presence of undigested food, Pepsine in small doses proved effectual in the hands of M. Corvisart.§

2C53. Petroleum. Petroleum Barbadense. Barbadoes Tar, an oil-like exudation from rocks, and found on the surface of certain lakes. It is met with abundantly in Trinidad, Barbadoes, also near Bangoon, on the banks of the Irra-waddy, and on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

* On Artificial Digestion, &x., Lond. 8vo, 1857. Bull. Gen. de Therap., Feb. 15,

Brit, and For. Med.-Chir. Rev., Jan. 1862, p. 235.

§ Rev. Med.-Chir. de Paris, Dec. 1856.

Med. Prop. and Action. Stimulant, expectorant, sudorific, and anthelmintic. Externally applied, it is rubefacient. Dote, gutt. xx. - xxx. in emulsion, or in any convenient vehicle.

2054. Therapeutic Uses

In Asthmas and Chronic Coughs, unattended with inflammation, it has been given with the effect of stimulating the expectoration.

2055. In Chronic Rheumatism, it has been used externally and internally with great advantage. Dr. O'shaughnessy* states that it stimulates the skin, and, entering the circulation by imbibition, proves diuretic and diaphoretic. Speaking of the Rangoon Petroleum, Dr. Fleming states that he has found more benefit from it than from the most costly Cajeput Oil. In Paralytic Affections, it has also proved serviceable. Externally applied it has been found useful in Herpetic Affections and Psoriasis.

2056. In Gonorrha, It Has Occasionally Been Substituted For Copaiba, In Doses Of Exx

- xxx., in emulsion.

2057. In Cholera, the following formula, forwarded by the Russian Commander-in-Chief in Circassia to Mr. Guthrie, is stated to have proved highly efficacious in that country: -2056 In Gonorrha It Has Occasionally Been Substitu 167 Spt. Vin. Rect. Oviiss., Sal. Ammoniac. 3j., Nitri depurati 3j., Piperis 5j., Aq. Regiae f3ss., Acet. Vini Oiss., Petrolei (Naphtha) f3ss., Ol. Olivae f ss., Ol. Menth. Pip. f viiss., M. digere per horas xij. et cola. Dose, two teaspoonfuls every quarter of an hour. In England it did not succeed.