2336. In Erysipelas, Cinchona, Or Its Alkalies, Have Found Many Advocates

Amongst others, it has been advised by Fordyce, Heberden, Wells, Graves, and Jackson. Dr. Elliotson states that it proves beneficial in all forms of the disease, and may be given with perfect safety even in acute cases. This view, however, has not been universally adopted, its use being confined by some practitioners to the advanced stages of the disease, or to those forms which occur in debilitated constitutions, or when the vital powers are much depressed; in such cases, Quinine, conjoined with a generous diet, proves of eminent service. When the stomach is irritable, the medicine may advantageously be given in the form of enema. Dr. Graves* relates a case in which it was thus employed with the best effects.

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2336. In Erythema Nodosum, Dr

Watson states that he has invariably found the disease yield to the exhibition of Quinine preceded by an active aperient, Rest and the horizontal posture should be enjoined.

2337. In Urticaria, Quinine Often Proves Serviceable

I have found benefit from the following pills: - ℞ QuiniAe Sulph. gr. xij.; Pulv. Rhei gr. xxiv., M. ft. pil. xij., cap j. ter in die. It proves especially useful when the disease assumes an intermittent form. Mr. E. Wilson advises its internal use in Pemphigus.