2201. In Leucorrha And Ulceration Of The Os Uteri, Injections Of The Chlorate (3j

- Aq. Pluv. fviij.) have been successfully employed by Dr. Bedford Brown.* In Gonorrhoea, Dr. Irvin speaks highly of injections of a solution of the Chlorate (3j. ad Aq. fviij.), employed hourly for twelve hours. On the second or third day the disease is generally cured, without the aid of medicine beyond a mild saline aperient.

2202. In Ptyalism It Is Highly Spoken Of By Mr

Alison, who states that he has seen it exercise the most beneficial influence in these cases. It may also be used in the form of gargle.

2203. In Scurvy It Was Successfully Employed By Dr

Ferriar,§ and the statements of Dr. Garrod respecting the influence of the Salts of Potash generally in scorbutic affections, render it extremely probable that it is a valuable remedy; but it does not appear to possess any advantage over the other Salts of Potash. (See Potass. Nit.)

2204. In Cholera, the Chlorate of Potash forms an important part in the so-called saline treatment; but how far it contributes to the efficacy of that treatment, is uncertain. (See Sodii Chloridum.)

2205. In Pregnancy, The Chlorate Has Been Apparently Successful In The Hands Of Mr

Grimsdale, || in those cases where the foetus in several successive pregnancies has been carried to a certain period, and is either still-born or very weakly, and where no external or other cause can be assigned to explain the circumstance.