2124. In Gonorrhoea, Gleet, And Leucorrha, A Solution Of The Acetate Of Lead (Gr

vj. ad Aq. Dest. fl. oz. vj.) forms a useful sedative injection.

2125. Diseases Of The Eye

In the treatment of Granular Lids, Acute and Chronic Catarrhal Ophthalmia, in Scrofulous Affections of the Eye, Vascular Cornea, &e, the Acetate of Lead in substance has been successfully employed as a local application by Dr. Cunier, of Brussels, and by Dr. Buys.** It is directed to be reduced to an impalpable powder; a moistened pencil should then be dipped in it, and about a grain or a grain and a half applied to the inner surface of the lid. When the lid is touched, it should be kept everted until the tears have dissolved the Acetate, and those portions of the salt which escape solution should be taken off with the pencil. It is said to be particularly efficacious in the treatment of granular lids by Mr. Howard, of Montreal. In Scrofulous Ophthalmia, he considers that the best local application, if ho ulceration be present, is a saturated solution of the Acetate of Lead, which may be applied twice daily. It should be filtered previous to use.

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2126. In Erysipelas, Urticaria, Lichen, and other Skin Diseases, the following lotion is favourably spoken of by Mr. Erasmus Wilson, as a means of allaying the pain and irritation: -2125 Diseases Of The Eye 175AmmoniAe Carb., Plumbi Acet. aa 3j., Aq. RosAe fviij., M. ft. lotio.

2127. In Epilepsy, The Acetate Of Lead Was Formerly Advised By Drs

Rush, § Eberle, || and others; but it has fallen into disuse, most probably from its inferiority to other metallic remedies.