2157. Therapeutic Uses

In Liver Affections, Podophyllin seems particularly indicated. Dr. Gardner, whose statements are principally followed, states that he has seen Jaundice, where the stools exhibited no trace of bile, and where the skin and eyes were of a deep yellow colour, cured by a single dose, incredible quantities of bile being evacuated. In Engorgement of the Liver, and in Torpor of the Liver occurring in persons long resident in tropical climes, he speaks most favourably of its action. In these cases it often does not act for ten or twelve, or even in some cases for sixteen or twenty hours, the purging appearing to result from the large amount of bile thrown into the bowels. Sometimes its action is without uneasiness, but generally there is a sense of tormina or twisting, and spasmodic action in the upper region of the abdomen about the navel. In all cases where it is desirable to evacuate or stimulate the liver, as in Fevers, Bronchitis, Headache, &c, Dr. Gardner states that he has used Podophyllin with highly satisfactory results.

2158. In Constipation, Without Other Disorder, Dr

Gardner usually prescribes gr. 1/6 - 1/4 in a pill with Pil. Rhei Co. It acts, he remarks, very much the same as we expect a grain of Calomel or five grains of blue pill with the compound Rhubarb Pill to act, and he considers that in very numerous cases it may be substituted for mercurials with great advantage. In the Constipation of Phthisis, often depending upon fatty degeneration of the liver, it has been resorted to with the best effects, and, notwithstanding the length of period which elapses before it operates, with a marked degree of benefit not obtainable from any other purgative.

2159. In Gout, when it is often an important point of treatment to secure free biliary evacuations, Dr. Gardner employs with good effect Podophyllin in the form of pill with Henbane or Belladonna, which latter medicines modify its operation. The same treatment has been adopted in Acute Rheumatism.

2160. In Secondary Syphilis, It Has Been Employed By Dr

Marston, of the Royal Artillery, and by Dr. P. S. Sisson* as a substitute for Mercury with marked success. It has also been largely used in America in the treatment of Syphilitic Affections. The dose recommended by Drs. Marston and Sisson is gr. 1/6, combined with a sedative, three times a day. Dr. Kidd, of Cincin-nati, found that in small repeated doses it was of great value as a deobstruent in Scrofula, Syphilis, Rheumatism, and other chronic diseases.

* Lancet, Jan. 16, 1864.

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