857. Other Diseases

In Cholera, Chloroform has been successfully employed by Mr. Brady, of Harrow, by Mr. Plummer, Mr. Boyton, and others. In these cases it was given internally, in doses of evj. - x. every hour or half-hour, according to the severity of the symptoms. Mustard poultices and other counter-irritants were applied externally. The real value of Chloroform in this disease is yet to be determined.

858. In Dysmenorrha, Dr

Bennett has found Chloroform useful, both by inhalation and given internally. In the latter case gutt. x. were given in mucilage.

859. In Strangulated Hernia, Chloroform Is Of The Highest Service

It was first employed in these cases by Mr. H. Hancock, § of Charing-cross Hospital, and has since proved signally successful in numerous instances. During anaesthesia, the constricted parts have been found to be relaxed to such a degree that, with little or no manipulation, the reduction has been effected. An operation should always be delayed until a fair trial has been given to Chloroform, if it can be procured without much loss of time. On this point, Prof. Miller § observes, that it saves pain, produces thorough relaxation, does not aggravate the already begun collapse, is perfectly manageable, quickly passes off when no longer wanted, and leaves no untoward effect behind. He places it on a par with Opium, and thinks that their use may be well conjoined.

860. In the reduction of Dislocations, whether recent or long standing, the inhalation of Chloroform, so as to induce complete anaesthesia, may be had recourse to with the most decided benefit. It relaxes the whole muscular system, thus allowing of a more ready reduction than could otherwise be effected, and renders the patient insensible to pain (see ante). Instances of its successful employment may be found in abundance in the medical journals of the day.

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