2214. In Acute Rheumatism, The Internal Exhibition Of Liq

PotassAe is sometimes attended with the best effects. Dr. Watson,* who speaks highly of its efficacy, advises it to be given in daily doses of f3j. for several days consecutively, the bowels being, at the same time, kept freely open by laxative medicines. Under this treatment, he observes that he has found the urine clear, the pain abate, and the joints regain their motion, more surely than under any other treatment. Schoenlein advises the body to be sponged with a lotion composed of Liq. PotassAe; f3j. - fjss. ad Aq. Oj. It causes a small degree of beneficial excitement on the skin, and neutralizes the excess of acid matter that is secreted by the surface of the body. It should be applied tepid at first, and then gradually cooler and cooler. It is particularly useful given internally, when the urine contains lithic acid deposits. In Gout it occasionally proves very useful, given in conjunction with colchicum or blue pill.

2215. In Chronic Or Subacute Rheumatism, Dr

Wright thinks highly of the value of Liq. PotassAe, given according to the annexed formula: -2215 In Chronic Or Subacute Rheumatism Dr 186 Liq. PotassAe f3y. - f3ij., Infus. Buchu fviij., T. Hyoscyami f3j-, M. sumat. coch. amp. ij. ter in die. The bowels should, at the same time, be kept open with Pil. Rhei Co.

2216. In Malignant Diseases Of The Ovaries, Dr

Seymour § states that Liquor PotassAe, given in as large doses as the stomach will bear, has appeared to him to produce more alleviation than any other remedy, particularly in those tumours which are not attended by acute pain, or any considerable symptomatic fever. (Copland.)

2217. In Jaundice, connected with chronic enlargement, or malignant disease of the liver, the Liq. PotassAe may be given with the view of obtaining its liquefacient action. In such cases it may be advantageously combined with Conium. (Ibid.)

2218. Obesity, Occurring In Young And Robust Subjects, Is, According To

Dr. Chambers,|| best treated by Liq. PotassAe, in doses of f3ss. gradually increased to f3j. - f3iss. thrice daily. Milk is the best vehicle. The chemical affinity of alkalies for fat, points them out as appropriate alteratives in this complaint; and experience has fully established their value. A rigid low diet, and active exercise, should be conjoined with their use. It is not a new remedy, having been pointed out by Dr. Flemyng,¶ in 1780.

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|| Lancet, 1850, p. 128. ¶ Dissertation on Corpulency, Lond. 1780.

2219. In Dropsical Affections, Liq

PotassAe proves a valuable adjunct to other remedies, particularly to Digitalis and Squills; but, by itself, the influence which it exerts appears to be inconsiderable. In Chronic Hydrocephalus, it is sometimes productive of marked benefit.

2220. In Bronchocele, it will sometimes prove effectual, when other remedies, even Iodine, have previously failed. An instance is related by Mr. Hall,* in which Liq. PotassAe, in doses of exv. gradually increased to exxiv. effected a cure in three months. The Iodide of Potassium was applied externally at the same time, and it is therefore doubtful how far the Solution assisted in the cure.