2221. Diseases Of The Skin

In Lepra and Psoriasis, Dr. Wil-lan speaks in the highest terms of Liq. PotassAe, particularly when these affections are connected with acidity of the prima viae, or occur in gouty subjects. Dr. Watson speaks favourably of it, and Dr. Thompson§ regards it as almost a specific. It may be given in doses of exv. - f3ss. thrice daily. As an external application, Dr. Schedel|| advises the following: -2221 Diseases Of The Skin 187 01. Oliva', Aq. RosAe aa fj., Liq. PotassAe fss. . In Porrigo Furfurans, and Porrigo Lupinosa, the same treatment has proved very effectual. In Eczema, arising in connection with acidity of the stomach, Liq. PotassAe is a valuable remedy. It may also be used as an external application in the same disease. Dr. T. McCall Anderson¶ recommends that the eruption be painted with Liq, PotassAe night and morning, by means of a large brush. Excessive smarting may be relieved by the application of cold water. In Acne Rosacea and Acne Simplex, its internal exhibition, combined with small doses of Liq. Arsenicalis, is often highly serviceable. It should be given shortly after each meal. The same formula is occasionally useful in Urticaria. In Ephelis and Freckles, arising from exposure to the sun, Dr. Todd** advises the following lotion: -Liq. Potas. f3j., Aq. RosAe fq., M. ft. lotio.