2230. In Dyspepsia Attended With Vascular Excitement Of The Mucous Membranes, Dr

Todd advises the Nitrate of Potash, in doses of gr. v. - x. thrice daily, in water or mucilage. It has been found a remedy of considerable value. Dr. W. Philip's formula is often very efficacious in these cases: - ℞ Potas. Nit. gr. v., Ext. Tarax. gr. xv., Infus. rhei f3x., T. Lavand. Co., Spt. Ammon. A. aa f3ss., T. Hyoscyami exv., M. ft. haust.

2231. In Spasmodic Asthma, great temporary relief occasionally results from the inhalation of the fumes of burning Nitre. For this purpose immerse thick porous paper in a saturated solution of Nitre, and hang it up to dry. When a paroxysm approaches, the patient should inhale the vapour, by burning it in the room, or by smoking it in a tobacco-pipe. Used in the latter way, I have seen it productive of much temporaiy benefit. In some cases it fails altogether, It may also prove useful given in the manner directed in the next section.

2232. In Acute Bronchitis, Dr

Graves § speaks highly of the value of a combination of the Nitrate of Potash and Tartar Emetic, both antiphlogistic remedies, and calculated to act with peculiar effect in relieving congestion of the bronchial mucous membrane. He prescribes the following mixture: - ℞ Mist. Amyg. fxij., Potass. Nit. 313., Ant. Pot Tart. gr. j., T. Camph. Co. f ss., M. Dose, a tablespoonful every hour.

2233. In Incontinence Of Urine In Children, Dr

Young,|| of Chester, found Nitre, in doses of 3ss. daily (for children seven years old) very efficacious. He considers that it acts as a stimulant to the bladder or its sphincter.

2234. In Menorrhagia, Dr

Waller¶ considers the Nitrate as a most effective depressant. After premising blood-letting and laxatives, he advises this salt, in doses of gr. xv. - 3ss., well diluted with barley-water. In Dysmenorrha, he also found it highly serviceable. It is an old remedy, and one too much neglected.

2235. In Leucorrha, Dr

Dewees** states that in some obstinate cases he effected a cure with the following formula: - ℞ Potas. Nit. gr. x., Alum gr. v., M. ft. pulv. ter in die sumend. In Gonorrhoea, it proves useful, when given largely diluted, in relieving the ardor urinAe.

* L'Experience, 1842. Cyc Pract. Med., vol. ii. p. 652. See New York Gaz., 1845. § Clin. Lect, vol ii. p. 10.

|| Lancet, Dec. 10, 1844. ¶ On Diseases of the Womb, p. 50, et seq. ** On Diseases of Females, p. 75.

2236. In Amenorrha, it has been advised, but it does not appear to merit much confidence. It may be given in doses of gr. xx. - gr. lx., largely diluted with any bland fluid.

2237 Incipient Inflammatory Sore Throat is often removed by allowing a small portion of Nitre to dissolve slowly in the mouth. (A. T. Thompson.*)

2238. To Naevi Materni And Other Erectile Tumours,

Dr. Man-geno found the local application of the powdered Nitrate rubbed lightly over the surface effectual in causing their removal.

2239. In Purulent Ophthalmia attended with much pain and heat, a bread and milk poultice, moistened on the surface with a strong solution of Nitre, is highly spoken of by Dr. Roquetta. as a sedative.