1590. In Croup, Mr

Copeman * .states that he derived great benefit from the external application of the T. Iodinii (L. Ph.), twice or thrice daily. Its use was, in all instances, attended with great relief to the patient, and probably tends to prevent the formation of false membranes. He relates several cases illustrative of its efficacy.

1591. In Malignant Ulcers Of The Tongue And Tonsils, Dr

Davies states that he has met with uniform success with Iodine. The Tincture may be applied locally by means of a fine brush, or made into a gargle, diluted with 7 or 10 parts of water, with the addition of honey. In Mercurial Ptyalism, Iodine gargles (Tr. Iod. Comp. (Ph. L.) f3ij. - f3v. ad Aq. fviij.) are very strongly recommended by Dr. Norman Chevers both as a curative and prophylactic. It is worthy of further trial.

1592. In Cancer, Iodine has been used extensively, both internally and externally, with varying success. Dr. Walshe § states that he has great confidence in the power of Iodine friction, when combined with the internal exhibition of the Iodide of Arsenic. Dr. Copland [| considers that Iodine, given in very small and repeated doses with Potash, Conium, or Opium, will be found amongst the best remedies which can be used, inasmuch as, when exhibited in this manner, it is both tonic and deobstruent. The benefit derived from it, however, is frequently only temporary. Cases successfully treated with it are recorded by Mr. Hill, of Chester, Drs. Wagner, Tanchon, &c.

1593. In Schirrous Tumours Of The Breast, Dr

Walshe¶ quotes and corroborates the opinion of Mr. Travers, that the incompressible permanent Tumours of the Breasts of young and middle-aged women, admit of being reduced by the Iodine or mercurial ointment, early resorted to, and steadily persevered in. Mr. Travers states that he has often succeeded in procuring their absorption by these means, when, from the characters they presented, he should otherwise have felt compelled to urge their removal by operation.

1594. Skin Diseases

In Lupus, Iodine should be employed externally and internally. It is spoken of in the highest terms by Dr. Davies,** of Hertford, who relates two cases which yielded to its use, when locally applied; and Dr. Houghton states that he has seen the most decided benefit from the internal use of Lugol's Solution (No. 1). The Tincture is a good form for external use.

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1595. In Erysipelas, The Local Application Of A Tincture Of Iodine (Ij

ad Spt. Vin. Itect. fj.) was first recommended by Dr. Davies,* who directs it to be painted over the inflamed parts. He relates several cases in which it afforded speedy alleviation of the symptoms, and proved eminently successful. Experience has confirmed its value in this disease. It is of equal, if not superior, efficacy to the Nitrate of Silver.