2. Infusum Rhei (Rhubarb In Thin Slices Oz

1/4; Boiling Distilled Water fl. oz. x. Infuse for one hour, and strain). Dose, fl. oz. j. - fl. oz. ij.

3. Pilula Rhei Composita (Powdered Rhubarb Oz

iij.; Powdered Socotrine Aloes oz. ij.1/4; Powdered Myrrh oz. iss.; Hard Soap oz. iss.; English Oil of Peppermint fl. drs. iss.; Treacle by weight oz. iv.). Dose, gr. v. - gr. xv.

4. Pulvis Rhei Compositus (Powdered Rhubarb Oz

ij.; Light Magnesia oz. vj.; Powdered Ginger oz. j.). This powder is known as " Gregory's Powder." Dose, gr. xx. - gr. lx., or more.

5. Tinctura Rhei (Bruised Rhubarb Oz

ij.; Bruised Cardamoms oz. 1/4; Bruised Coriander oz. 1/4; Saffron oz. 1/4; Proof Spirit Oj. Prepared by maceration and percolation). Dose as a stomachic, fl. drm. j. - fl. drs. ij.; as a purgative, fl. oz. ss. - fl. oz. ij.

The Dose of powdered Rhubarb must be regulated by the effect it is desired to produce. For adults, in doses of gr. iij. - vj., it acts as a stomachic and astringent; in doses of gr. xv. - xl. it is a mild purgative without acridity, though it sometimes causes griping. The doses of the different varieties of Rhubarb differ considerably. As a purgative the dose of Russian (so called Turkey) or China Rhubarb is gr. xv. - gr. xl; of the English, gr. xxv. - gr. lx.: of the Himalayan, gr. x. - gr. xxx.

Incompatible*. The strong Mineral Acids; solutions of most metallic Salts.

2363 Therapeutic Uses. In Dyspepsia, Rhubarb proves highly serviceable, being warm and carminative in its nature, speedy in its action, and neither stimulating nor drastic. It was highly esteemed by the late Dr. M. Baillie. who advised gr. viij., made into pills with soap, to be taken every night at bedtime, together with some mild bitter infusion, and an alkali in the daytime. This, he states, if persevered in, proves more beneficial than any other remedy he knows of. Dr. Todd§ states that he has derived great benefit from the following mixture, originally proposed by Dr. Fothergill: - ℞ Aloes 3j., Had. Rhei, Rad. Glycyrrh. aa ss., Spt. Lavand. Co. f3ss., Aq. Calcis fviij., M. Infuse for twelve hours, and strain. Dose, two tablespoonfuls, two or three times daily. Dr. Chapman|| extols his "peristaltic persuaders," which are thus composed: -5 Tinctura Rhei Bruised Rhubarb Oz 201Pulv. Rhei 3j., Pulv. Ipecac. Had. gr. x., Ol. Carui ex., G. AcaciAe q. s. ft. pil. xx., sumat. ij. omni nocte. An old plan of administration, but one which often proves highly useful, is for the patient to chew a piece of solid Rhubarb. By this means no more is swallowed than what is dissolved in the saliva, and this is sufficient to keep the bowels regular, and to impart a tone to the digestive organs without producing any subsequent constipation. I have known men employ it thus for years with evident advantage.

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§ Cyc. Pract. Med., vol. ii. p. 618. || Diseases of the Thoracic and Ab dominal Viscera.

2364. In the Constipation of Children, Rhubarb, conjoined with Magnesia, is a popular aperient; but it is objectionable on account of its subsequent astringency. In the Puerperal state, gr. xx. - gr. xxx., in some aromatic water, with or without a few drops of T. Opii, is a good aperient if Castor Oil be objected to. In the Constipation of Anaemic Females, Dr. Ashwell advises the following: - ℞. Pulv. Rhei, Mag. Carb. aa 3ss., Conf. Arom. j., Aq. Cinnam. f3ix., T. Card. Co. f3j., M. ft. haust. To be taken at bedtime, every three or four days.