2. Decoctum Sarsae Compositum (Jamaica Sarsaparilla, Not Split, Or

iias.: Sassafras in chips ox. 1/4; Guiac Wood turnings oz. 1/4. Fresh Liquorice Root, bruised, ox. 1/4; Mexereon gr. lx.; Boiling Distilled Water Oiss. Digest all the ingredients in the Water for an hour; boil for ten minutes in a covered vessel; cool and strain. The product should measure Oj.). Dose, fl. oz. ij. - fl. oz. iv. *

8. Extractum Sarsae Liquidum (Jamaica Saraaparilla, Not Split, Lb

j.; Distilled Water at 160o Oxiv.; Rectified Spirit fl. os. j. Macerate the Saraaparilla in one-half of the Water for six hours, and decant the liquor. Digest the residue in the remainder of the Water for the same time. Express and filter the mixed liquors, and evaporate them by a water bath to fl. oz. vij., or until the sp. gr. of the liquid is 1.13. When cool, add the Spirit. The sp. gr. should be about 1.095). Dose, fl. drm. ss. - fl. drs. iv.

Dose of the powdered root, gr. xxx. - gr. lx.

2434. Therapeutic Uses

In Syphilis, Saraaparilla was formerly esteemed a specific; but the trials of it by Mr. Pearson pointed out the fallacy of the opinion. In constitutional Syphilis, however, particularly when repeated courses of Mercury have been taken for the cure of the disease, he speaks favourably of it. It is supposed to act chiefly by inducing a healthy tone of the biliary and digestive organs. It may be given to the extent of Oj. of the decoction, or more, daily, and may be advantageously combined with Nitric Acid (Acid. Nit. Dil.  x. ad Decoct. SarsAe Co. fl. oz. ij.), or with the Iodide of Potassium. The former, when the system is much debilitated, and there is general cachexia; the latter, when the osseous system is principally affected. In Syphililic Sore Throat, with Phagedna, the combination with the acid proves the most useful. Opium may, at the same time, be given in liberal doses.

2436. In Mortification or Gangrene of the Extremities in old Persons, the decoction (supra) is frequently more easily borne, and is productive of equal, if not more benefit than Cinchona or its salts. It is best given with dilute Nitric Acid (x. ad Decoct. fl. oz. iij.), three or four times daily. The adjuncts required are a generous diet, great cleanliness, Charcoal poultices, and Dover's Powder (gr. x.), or Opium (gr. j. - ij.), at night.

2436. In Chronic Affections Of The Liver, Saraaparilla Is Highly Spoken Of By Dr

Wilson Philip. He considers that it is chiefly serviceable where the languor of the secreting vessels has become permanent. Dr. Venables also speaks favourably of it, and affirms that, in these cases, it certainly possesses considerable power as a restorative; and that it will be found eminently serviceable in fortifying the system, and in preparing it for more active remedies. The compound decoction is the best form for administration.

2437. In Chronic Rheumatism consequent on Syphilis, or attended with much debility, the compound decoction (supra) proves highly serviceable. It may be combined with Nitric Acid, the Iodide of Potassium, or opiates. I have seen great benefit from this treatment, but how far it is due to the Sarsaparilla must remain doubtful.

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243*8. In Chronic Coughs occurring in debilitated constitutions, attended with redness and relaxation of the mucous membrane of the fauces, and elongation of the uvula, Prof. Graves* speaks highly of the following formula: - ft Decoct. SarsAe Oj., Acid. Nit. Dil. f3j., M. sumat. tertiam part. ter in die. He states that it improves the general tone of the system, and that the cough will generally subside under its use. In some cases it is necessary to apply solutions of the Argent. Nit. or Cupri Sulph. to the tonsils; and the patient should take nutritious diet and daily exercise. It will be found particularly useful when Syphilis, or a long mercurial course, has been the cause of the debility; but its utility is by no means confined to these cases.

2439. In Chronic Diseases of the Skin, the compound decoction or extract may be given with evident advantage, particularly when they are of syphilitic origin, or when the digestive organs are evidently deranged. Local applications should not be neglected at the same time.

2440. In Scrofula, Sarsaparilla has been advised, but its effi- cacy, beyond that of an alterative, appears very doubtful.