2517. In Inflammation Of The Tonsils, Dr

Macartney § states that sinapisms to the throat are very useful in removing the inflammation.

Med.-Chir. Rev., vol. lx. N. S. Dub. Journ., Jan. 1839.

On Fevers, 1862, p. 283. § On Inflammation, p. 167.

2518. In Toothache, Faceache, and Neuralgic Affections of the Head and Face, a Mustard poultice over the seat of pain often affords great relief.

2519. In Removing Symptoms Indicative Of A Congested State Of The Spinal Meninges, Drs

Ballard and Garrod * state that they have found their application to the spine, repeated every night for several weeks, very effectual.

2520. In Amenorrha, the application of sinapisms to the mamma?, a short time before the arrival of the usual catamenial period, has been advised by Drs. Mondiere,. Jones, Patterson, and others. The intimate connection between the mammAe and the uterus suggested their use; and in some cases they appear to have been effectual, but sufficient data are wanting to establish their real therapeutic value. As corroborative evidence, it may be stated that Dr. Loudon succeeded in producing the discharge by leeches to the breasts; and Sir J. Murray, by the application of cupping-glasses to these organs.